Position on the Deregulation Bill

At the Ministry of Development and Technology’s invitation, AmCham Poland took part in the consultations on the Deregulation Bill.

The proposed law accomodates many of the proposals made by AmCham in recent years, primarily regarding standards for the lawmaking process and guarantees of regulatory stability and applies to all entrepreneurs operating in Poland. 

The Deregulation Bill provides for the introduction of the principle of balancing administrative obligations (one in, one out) into business law, according to which the removal of an equal number of obligations should balance the imposition of new duties on entrepreneurs as well as the principle that statutes defining business rules should have a vacatio legis of at least six months. However, the bill’s scope is much broader. It contains many loosely related amendments to 35 laws in economic and administrative law. Their common aim is to deregulate economic activity and simplify procedures.

In a position paper submitted as part of the consultation, AmCham proposed changes to the R&D relief and construction of excise tax exemption on cars used for research purposes.

The full AmCham Poland’s position on the Deregulation Bill is available here