Empower Her

AmCham Poland EmpowerHer focuses on promoting Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) by endorsing and supporting initiatives of U.S. businesses in Poland. Furthermore, AmCham encourages sharing of best practices to ensure the effective and sustainable implementation of these principles in organizations and their broader communities.

Possible commitments that can be developed through mutual activities include:

– Increasing the number of women in leadership positions

– Investing in programs that help women develop skills and create opportunities for themselves

– Providing leadership development opportunities for women and other under-represented groups through targeted initiatives like mentorship and sponsorship programs

– Identifying and addressing gender pay gaps, and requiring gender diversity for all open roles

– Collaborating with relevant stakeholders, such as government agencies and private sector organizations, to promote a coordinated approach to gender equality and inclusivity throughout the entire trade process

– Sharing experiences and best practices related to gender equality and diversity

– Supporting work-life balance for all employees by offering flexible work arrangements whenever possible to foster a healthy work environment for staff.

You can read the text of the Declaration of Support for Women’s Economic Empowerment here.

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