Tax reliefs in 2022 – What is available and how to check if you are eligible to use them

On Thursday, April 21, the AmCham Tax & Financial Services Committee hosted an event about tax reliefs in 2022 – What is available and how to check if you are eligible to use them. Our guest speaker was Marcin Mańkowski, Senior Manager, Innovation, Grants & Incentives at KPMG Poland, who covered opportunities for businesses to obtain financial support for projects in Poland, both from European Union Funds and domestic sources.

Our speaker mentioned various opportunities starting with reliefs for expansion activities where the R&D tax credit is the primary tax instrument that allows for an additional deduction of product, process, service, and software development costs from the tax base. 

Next, he covered IP Box, a preferential form of taxation at a rate of 5% for income from Qualified Intellectual Property (IP). Polish Investment Zone income tax exemption for the whole country for up to 15 years granted to create a new plant or develop an existing one. The possibility of reducing the number of advance payments for PIT on the remuneration of employees engaged in R&D activities as part of the uncollected R&D tax relief. The prototype relief aimed at enterprises that commercialize new product development. Additional deduction from the tax base of 50% of the cost of obtaining revenues for robotization in a given tax year. The expansion relief option to deduct expenses for expansion from the tax base. The condition for taking advantage of the sale of products not previously offered on a given market (domestic and foreign). Additional tax base deductions of 50% for activities supporting sport, culture, education, and science.