Priorities of American Companies Regarding the New Parliamentary Term and Formation of the New Government in Poland

AmCham organized a meeting to establish the most crucial tasks for the new government, addressed by foreign investors operating in Poland. The focus was on identifying business issues that should be addressed by the new government and the parliament in the upcoming term. AmCham’s primary goal is to build relationships with politicians from the Coalition KO-PSL-PL2050-NL and emphasize the significance of American investments as a key element of the Polish economy.

For this purpose, AmCham created a working document outlining priorities that highlights numerous key areas for AmCham member companies, accompanied by specific postulates. The primary issues center around:

  1. The significance of American investments for the economy and society: Continuing to showcase the multidimensional impact of American investors on the Polish economy and society. Thanks to American investments, Poland has become a growing digital leader in the entire CEE region, with enormous development potential.
  2. Improvement of the business and regulatory environment: The introduction of new regulations should be based on utilizing public consultations and pre-consultations as standard practices, except in the most urgent situations. Proposed regulations should consider expert analyses and market and end-user opinions. The law should be predictable, stable, and consistent, avoiding excessive changes. Proposed changes should be announced well in advance, enabling all stakeholders to prepare and make decisions in the context of future legal directions and changes. Created regulations should be adequate to address the issues at hand, avoiding unnecessary burdens on recipients. Legal stability is achieved through legislative dialogue with the market, allowing the identification of potential problems during the legislation creation stage, thus avoiding frequent amendments.

In addition, specific sectoral needs have been prepared, addressing postulates in areas such as e.g.: Digitization, Healthcare, Finance, Defense, Energy, Labor Market and Education, and more.

The document is non-binding and closed, while AmCham member companies can continue to indicate its priorities. Further details on these areas and specific postulates can be found here.