Position on public procurement certification

AmCham took part in the consultations on a draft bill on certification of public procurement contractors and amendments to certain other laws. The proposed law provides for introducing a certification system in public procurement procedures into Polish law and affects all investors operating in Poland that are parts of public contracts or willing to participate in public procurement procedure. 

The bill will directly improve the situation for all entities seeking public procurement in Poland, including foreign investors, by reducing the administrative burden and lowering the cost of participation in procurement procedures.

The introduction of certification will allow a contractor to replace numerous documents or declarations with an appropriate certificate issued by an authorized certification body after the contractor’s verification process. Certificates will be awarded by entities accredited by the Polish Accreditation Center and posted in a publicly available and free database. Such a certificate, issued for one to three years, will allow contractors in Poland to participate in many different contract award procedures in Poland and other European Union countries without having to collect and submit other documents each time.

Certification for contractors will be voluntary. Its introduction is expected to promote the professionalization and transparency of the contractor verification process through the participation of professional certifiers and reduce the cost of involvement in the proceedings. The ministry also aims to increase the efficiency of the public procurement system by standardizing the requirements set by ordering entities as part of the conditions for participation in the proceedings.  

The full AmCham Poland’s position on the draft bill introducing public procurement certification into the Polish law is available here.