AmCham members lend their support


AmCham members join forces in the fight against the coronavirus.


From the very beginning, American investors in Poland and AmCham members, representing many sectors of the Polish economy have actively joined forces to fight against the coronavirus. Both members and investors are sharing their resources and capabilities to support healthcare workers with personal protective equipment, deliver meals to hospitals, transfer funds for SARS-CoV-2 detection tests, provide pro bono legal services and tools to help manage their business, provide platforms and advanced technology systems for both the government and business, as well as the education system to persevere during a difficult pandemic. A large number of employees have joined the campaign voluntarily, supporting health care personnel on the front line of the fight against the coronavirus. The volunteers are sewing masks, 3D printing visors and supporting the local senior community. Their creativity and willingness to help every day inspire us to work together and win the fight against the Coronavirus.


“We asked our members to send us information regarding their actions in the fight against the coronavirus, where the feedback exceeded our expectations. More than 80 companies responded to our request, and their number is constantly growing. Up till now, our members have transferred over PLN 75 million to fight the coronavirus, transferring funds, medical equipment, food and personal protective equipment for medical personnel and hospitals throughout Poland, including over 320,000 protective masks and funded over 2 million meals,” said AmCham Managing Director Dorota Dąbrowska-Winterscheid. 


Information on how our members help the community and the government in the fight against the coronavirus are constantly updated. Let us know how your company is supporting others in this difficult time. AmCham and U.S. Embassy will keep sharing your stories in the email communication, social media and press releases. For more information or to add your story contact:


Anita Kowalska 

Events & Media Manager 

American Chamber of Commerce in Poland 

M: +48 696 024 104 



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AbbVie. As part of supporting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, AbbVie Poland donated an experimental treatment option for COVID-19 to the Ministry of Health. Besides, the company provided philanthropic support to two patient organizations, which are involved in counteracting the aftermath of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic - National ORPHAN Forum and the Polish Coalition of Oncological Patients. The company also encouraged employees to support charitable giving and has doubled the donation of any employee towards COVID relief efforts, given to the non-profit organizations from Poland and abroad.




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Amazon has committed 4.5 million PLN (1 million EUR) to help combat the COVID19 pandemic in Poland. These funds will be allocated to support Polski Czerwony Krzyż, WOŚP Foundation, TVN Foundation and local NGOs to better support our communities. 

To better support public health services and other essential workers, Amazon also donated 100,000 surgical masks to Poland, to be dispersed amongst various regions. In total, Amazon has donated over 700,000 masks throughout Europe. In the Fulfillment Centers, workers have been supplied with their own masks since the beginning of April.

Amazon donates 1 million EUR to support people impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, by financing hospital equipment, including tests, protective clothing and specialist equipment. The funds will be provided to the Polish Red Cross, TVN “Nie jesteś sam” Foundation, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and selected organizations operating on a local scale in vicinity of Amazon’s operations.
Amazon has also launched their own STEM program in response to the school closures across Poland in parallel with the Ministry of Digital Affairs and Cyfrowy Dialog’s program, helping to provide online access to educational resources for teachers, parents, educators and, above all, for children. Amazon’s #STEMKindloteka program helps to support home-schooling by offering innovative e-learning classes and workshops for free. Every day, from Monday to Friday participants can attend one of three workshops. 



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AMGEN Polska, is fulfilling its social responsibility obligations by supporting the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. A total of half a million zlotys will be donated in the form of a financial donation to the fourteen most-needed hospitals throughout Poland and two organizations supporting people from high-risk groups - seniors and children with oncological diseases. As part of further support for the fight, Amgen began working on a drug for SARS-CoV-2.The financial support of the Polish branch is only part of the global assistance that AMGEN has so far offered throughout the world. Globally, AMGEN has allocated $ 12.5 million to fight the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the global Amgen Foundation has launched a support program that will make donations of up to $ 1 million by Amgen employees around the world who want to contribute their own funds. In Poland, the organizations selected for the support program are the Polish Red Cross and the Siepomaga Foundation.


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The American School of Warsaw community of teachers, parents, and students are creating 3D printed face shields and washable surgical masks to help keep front-line medical workers safe. As to date they printed 100 shields and 200 face protective masks. Currently, the school is prototyping Arduino-based pulse oximeters, which can be used to determine the severity of coronavirus symptoms. 



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Amrest (the operator of KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Burger King) has been providing free meals to 50 hospitals in several cities in Poland since March 15 to support medical staff involved in the fight against coronavirus. By now, the company has provided over 7 000 meals, coffee packs and desserts. What is more the company continue to cooperate with Food Banks and share the surplus products with the needy. In March AmRest donated 3 tons of food. 



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Smithfield Polska together with Animex and Agri Plus produce 3000 protective face masks per day in their own feather factory in Krakow for the needs of the hospitals and employees of their plants. In addition, they donated PLN 1.5 million in cash to hospitals fighting against coronavirus. Next week hospitals will also receive 750,000 pieces of medical equipment that just arrived in Poland. They also started to donate some of their food locally to Food Bank at the very beginning of the epidemic and we will be carrying out comprehensive deliveries at the turn of April/ May this year.


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AstraZeneca has decided to financially support entities performing medical activities in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to ensure transparency and independence in providing support to medical facilities, AstraZeneca has concluded a donation agreement with Caritas Polska. Under the agreement, Caritas Polska will soon decide where to distribute all financial resources to medical facilities and other entities from all over Poland. In addition, AstraZeneca has donated 9 million protective masks globally to support healthcare professionals around the world in the fight against COVID-19. AstraZeneca also supports initiatives involving the exchange of clinical experience and conducting scientific discussions on the treatment of patients with COVID-19. 23,000 health professionals from 130 countries, including several hundred doctors from Poland, participated in the international, free webinar on the COVID-19 treatment for medical workers.


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Bain’s Polish office has been working on a demanding pro bono project with Pelion, the largest Polish company operating in the healthcare sector. Together they have created an innovative solution for COVID-19 screening and treatment, which combines an automated algorithm-based screening with online consultations with medical doctors. The solution also allows the diagnosis of respiratory infections other than COVID-19. Patients can benefit from a quick diagnosis while remaining in the safety and comfort of their homes. The tool is available free of charge on the tele-medicine clinic’s webpage The project was created to help patients and relieve some of the burden on the healthcare system during the pandemic.

Bain & Company’s Warsaw office is also supporting our heroes on the front lines - doctors and medical workers at the Czerniakowski, MSWiA and Wolski hospitals in Warsaw - with fresh supplies of nutritious fruit, vegetables and snacks several times per week.



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Bayer. 420 000 zł will be donated to support Polish healthcare in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. The donation will be transferred to the intervention fund of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. A donation from Bayer will be used for the purchase of medical and protective equipment, such as surgical masks. So far, Bayer donated six ventilators to fight the epidemic, and in addition, in the coming days, the company will provide - through the WOŚP Foundation - 5,000 face protective masks to medical and emergency services.



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The Biogen Foundation joined the fight against COVID-19 in Poland by providing financial support to the Intervention Fund of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy in the amount of USD 100,000 for the purchase of necessary personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals. The collected money is primarily used to purchase personal protective equipment for doctors and medical staff, as well as medical equipment. Protective materials, i.e. individual biological protection packages and protective masks, will be intended to the neediest institutions. Additionally, Biogen provides material support for several dozen Polish hospitals in the form of donations by providing disposable masks and gloves.




BNP. To support Polish health service BNP Paribas Bank Polska donated funds for the fight against #COVID-19. The funds will be used to purchase 1000 tests. Thanks to this, hospitals and medical facilities will be able to order free tests to the Warsaw #Genomics laboratory. BNP Paribas Bank Polska also bought 20 000 protective masks to the hospitals. 



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BP Poland at their retail sites offers free coffee for emergency services.
In addition, key hospitals in each voivodship (already named by Ministry of Health) receive BP Supercards to fuel their medical transport as well as Castrol oil change for their cars. BP Poland supports Polish Humanitarian Action with Puppet program (PAJACYK) that organizes meals for children in post -communism farms. Children get warm food once a day at school and thanks to BP and its clients who give their Payback points - over 1,5 million meals have been financed so far. Additionally, with PAYBACK BP offers to their loyal customers to double the points they give to this program during the coronavirus time.


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The Bridge Wroclaw MGallery. In order to help the community they have started to produce 100 meals a day free of charge to hospitals mostly in need., e.g. in Oborniki Śląskie and they are also delivering free lunches to Borowska Hospital.



BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN (Poland) Sp. z o. o. has launched a global effort to support each of the local markets in which its employees live and work. In Krakow it has allocated 150,000 PLN to two hospitals that have been at the epicenter of the crisis. The hope is that this unrestricted funding will enable the hospitals to direct the funds to the areas most in need – protective equipment, disinfecting products, or meals for staff members. In addition to the firm’s support, Krakow-based employees have identified an immediate need and redirected employee-raised donations toward a new washing machine for hospital staff uniforms, cleaning products, and other basic necessities.


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Bristol-Myers Squibb Poland and Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation allocated PLN 700,000 for the purchase of personal protective equipment delivered to 90 oncology centers throughout Poland by Patient Advocacy Associations and support the ONKOTAXI action of the Alivia Foundation. This action is aimed at providing safe and cost-free transport for the patient to and from oncology centers in Poland.

Bristol-Myers Squibb allocated PLN 500,000 for the purchase of personal protective equipment delivered to 80 oncology centers throughout Poland by Patient Advocacy Associations and support the ONKOTAXI action of the Alivia Foundation. This actions are aimed at providing safe and cost free transport for the patient to and from oncology centers in Poland.



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CANPACK Group has joined the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In Poland, the company has allocated over PLN 500,000 to support activities for medical centers. The company has contributed material and financial assistance for hospitals, ambulance stations and other institutions taking care of people in need located in Brzesko, Bydgoszcz, Tychy, Tarnow, Debica, Orzesze, and Krakow. Apart from the personal protective measures the company funded two pieces of specialized medical equipment for two medical facilities in Krakow and Tarnow. Additionally, employees got involved in various anti-Covid-19 initiatives. For example, the R&D department of the CANPACK S.A. Branch Business Support Services in Brzesko is using 3D printing technology to make face shields which will be delivered to local hospitals, being a part of the "Time to volunteer” program.


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Cargill supported three local hospitals in Poland with the amount of first 60.000 PLN to be used for purchase of protection equipment.


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Cisco delivered 6000 protective face masks and 350 meals to hospitals in Poland and donated 8000 USD to Fundacja Przystań Medyczna. In addition, 200 Cisco volunteers provide Webex training for teachers.


Cisco has expanded the list of features available as part of the free Webex – a tool enabling remote work and distanced e-learning, videoconferencing and much more. IBM and Cisco joined forces with the leading Polish non-profit education organizations in the realm of education to support Polish teachers in running online classes for students staying at homes. 


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Citi volunteers in Poland have rapidly reacted to the difficult pandemic situation. Over half a thousand volunteers got financially engaged in the preparation of warm meals for hundreds of employees of medical services in Warsaw and Olsztyn. Thanks to #CitiVolunteers initiative over 300 paramedics have obtained balanced meals and disinfectant gels. Citi in Poland (Citi Handlowy and Citibank Europe Plc) have undertaken to support the initiative by contributing at least as the same amount as collected by the volunteers among the employees of Citi in Poland. Every day, the support reached 310 employees of medical services. More than 2300 meals have been delivered so far.


Planet Heroes platform crowdfunding with #CitiVolunteers - Citi volunteers in Poland - and the Citi Handlowy Foundation L. Kronenberga launched a special fundraiser to support medical staff in their daily work.


The project is a continuation of the Citi volunteer campaign in Poland, who are already providing meals for 40 medical facilities in Warsaw and Olsztyn for the third week. Over 330 paramedics benefited from the support. That's over 4,500 meals delivered. Now each of us can make a contribution to provide a warm meal for medical staff every day clicking to this link :



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CMC Poland adjusted their Steelworker’s Day celebration to the new reality. Instead of a family picnic which is done for all of their employees and their families in Poland, CMC decided to celebrate this day by showing strong support to the local community in the fight against the Coronavirus. The company has donated 5,000 disposable face masks to their local hospital to support their healthcare service which is fighting this invisible threat daily. Also, CMC employees have distributed 2,000 masks on the streets of Zawiercie to the local community. The company also supported the local hospital in Zawiercie by purchasing additional COVID-19 testing equipment that have been sponsored exclusively through CMC Poland. This equipment doubled the current output of COVID-19 tests at the local laboratory and shorten the lead time to get final result from the tests to a one-two day period for the local community.


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Coca-Cola. Thanks to funds donated by Coca-Cola to Fundacja WOŚP, 157 cardiac monitors were purchased for Polish hospitals. Coca-Cola is also providing water and other drinks to healthcare workers on the front lines in the 21 infectious hospitals in Poland.

Coca-Cola decided in these challenging times to put all their commercial advertising on hold. Along with their bottling partners and The Coca-Cola Foundation, they are contributing over $120 million globally to support COVID-19 relief efforts in the affected communities. 


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The Courtyard by Marriott Warsaw Airport Hotel helps doctors in logistics and accommodation. The hotel provides Centralny Szpital Kliniczny MSWiA w Warszawie medical staff with fully equipped rooms with bathrooms, thanks to this help the medical staff receives conditions for rest after hard work and the risk of infection for their families is also minimized.



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Since the beginning of epidemic in Poland DaVita has been organizing and providing not only its medical personnel with proper personal protective equipment but also their patients (4000 of reusable masks) and personnel of cooperative organizations, such as transport companies, giving them reusable masks and gloves (660 pairs).


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DCT Gdańsk terminal donated funds for the fight against COVID-19 organized by Polish Red Cross. The funds will be used to purchase a respirator with PEEP function necessary for coronavirus, cardiomonitor, laser thermometers and ozonizer to disinfect uniforms of our paramedics helping in quarantine.


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Deloitte Polska supports Warsaw Genomics in fight against coronavirus by contributing their financial resources to buy diagnostic tests for SARS-COV 2 and donating them to hospitals and medical facilities in Poland. Deloite also offers webinars on the crisis management free of charge. 


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Dentons offers webinars free of charge.





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Direct Communications redirected their office fresh fruit deliveries to a few local hospitals in Warsaw.



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Eaton plant in Bielsko Biała donated $18,000 to hospitals in Bielsko-Biała and two nearest infectious hospitals in Cieszyn and Tychy to purchase equipment and personal protective equipment against Covid-19. They also handed 60 pieces of helmets manufactured by us on 3D printers to medical facilities in Bielsko-Biała.


In addition, their employees donated $1200 to the Crisis Intervention Center for nutritional assistance for the most deprived persons in the Covid-19 crisis. Eaton supports additional collections run by employees for local organizations involved in Covid-19 related activities by adding twice the amount raised by employees.


Eaton plant in Tczew donated the Hospital in Tczew with $30 000 to purchase 1 respirator and 2 video-laryngoscopes to improve its diagnostics and life supporting capabilities. Eaton also shared its sanitary resources: 100 liters of disinfectant and 50 medical visors.


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A group of biggest commercial property market leaders are supporting the personnel of 11 hospitals across Poland through daily deliveries of meals. The #property4heroes initiative is an expression of gratitude from developers, investors and property owners for the hard work of physicians, nurses, supporting personnel and paramedics. Echo Investment initiates and organises the action.

CPI Property Group, Echo Investment, EPP, Ghelamco, Globalworth, Griffin Real Estate, HB Reavis, Immofinanz, Invesco Real Estate, Panattoni, Skanska and Vastint have arranged daily deliveries of meals to the personnel of hospitals and medical centres fighting the coronavirus. Currently the aid is provided to 11 hospitals and medical centres in Gdańsk, Katowice, Kielce, Krakow, Poznań, Szczecin, Warsaw, and Wrocław. They receive 970 meals a day. For the next two months real estate companies will provide more than 40,000 meals as part of the #property4heroes initiative.


Echo Investment is supporting hospitals and other medical facilities in regional Polish cities where the company operates. They donated a ventilator to Miejskie Centrum Medyczne in Łódź and will soon provide the local hospital in Kielce with protective clothing, including 10,000 chirurgic face masks. They are also helping financially hospitals in Poznań and Wrocław to help them financially or by donating equipment they require. As the company has 28 active construction sites across Poland, it has dedicated its Health and Safety Department to support its suppliers and sub-contractors in protecting its employees, via delivering antibacterial gels, protective clothing, thermometers etc., as well as introducing safety procedures and manuals.



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[May 14] Emitel has joined charity action #GOTOWIDOPOMOCY organized by the Legia Warszawa football club. The action is aimed at helping and supporting senior citizens, including 1944 Warsaw Uprising veterans, impacted by the coronavirus lockdown. Emitel has committed to contribute funding and company’s employees volunteered to participate in this endeavor by delivering food and groceries for both individuals as well as social houses in Warsaw and neighborhoods. On top of that, the company has also offered a special support via Emitel’s contact center for seniors, who are experiencing technical problems with reception of TV or radio signal.


Emitel as a company responsible for broadcasting television and radio signals across Poland, does anything possible to keep services on top levels and makes sure that television and radio reception is top notch. They have made a revolutionary change in dispatching process enabling remote work and servicing their equipment. Emitel’s Network Management Center is able to coordinate work of engineers making sure they stay at home. All or at least as many as possible potential failures are fixed remotely. Emitel’s Intranet web pages are organizing long distance sessions helping all those who may have problems with existing situation. 



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Estee Lauder contributed 2 million surgical masks for health professionals.


image 39

EY is providing free webinars.



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In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Facebook has launched a number of initiatives addressed to public administration, SMBs, NGOs, and local communities as well as the education sector, among others: COVID-19 Information Center Polish webpage, ad credits support for policy institutions, a Business Resource hub in Polish, a series of charity online concerts and Social Good online training series.


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FedEx Express joined the #PomagamyRazem initiative led by IKEA and Fundacja Medicover. As part of the cooperation, FedEx offered logistics support and delivered over 2.5 thousand IKEA items to 34 Regionalne Centra Kwarantanny across Poland. The unique capabilities of the FedEx network - even in such demanding circumstances – enables the company to deliver the necessary goods around the globe. Thanks to the combined effort of all parties involved, over 400 people in institutional quarantine benefited from the donated equipment, including over 230 beds and mattresses, but also bedding, pillows, and towels.


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General Electric Company Polska Sp. z o.o. joined forces with Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Aviation to support those who are in the frontlines of the battle with SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. As a joint initiative Engineers in Arms, GE  has opened all their labs and put all 3D printers on site to work to produce parts for personal safety protection as well as emergency medical equipment. More than 100 engineers from GE Aviation and GE Gas Power businesses volunteered to help. What is more dozens of GE E employees use their own 3D printers to support the cause. Together with the Institute of Aviation, GE managed to deliver more than 4000 protective visors (created in 3 different technologies) to the hospitals. GE also  joined the Institutes efforts in rapid development of the last chance respirator



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Gemini as the leading brick & mortar and online pharmacy chain in Poland is servicing on daily basis over 200 thousand patients in its pharmacies and over 10 thousand in its online platform focusing on high availability of medicinal products and medical devices. Apart from daily service for Polish patients Gemini donated in total 25 thousand FFP3 masks for professionals to hospitals in Warsaw (MSWiA), Wrocław (Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny), Gdańsk (Szpital Marynarki Wojennej) and Zielona Góra (Szpital Uniwersytecki). 



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Goodyear Poland launched an initiative to support front-line medical and paramedical personnel with free tire replacement via Premio network. Goodyear team wants to express appreciation to the medical community, whose members are fighting to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. By contacting Goodyear call centre doctors, nurses and paramedics will be able to arrange for free tire replacement. Goodyear Poland also joined #pomagamypomagać campaign organized by Inter Cars. The objective of the campaign is to support 10,000 car services with necessary protection measures, knowledge and useful materials for use in social media.


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Google News Initiative - program launched a global Journalism Emergency Relief Fund to support small- and medium-sized news organizations producing original news for local communities. The window for applications opened on April 15 and closes on April 30. Furthermore, Google will waive ad serving fees for eligible news publishers on Ad Manager for up to five months as of April.  Google's aim is to support the production of original journalism in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide news organizations financial assistance at this critical time.


Google has undertaken a wide range of activities during the COVID-19 outbreak. They helped to provide reliable and trustworthy information about the virus (SOS alert and Knowledge Panel in Search) and limit proliferation of fake news in Search and YouTube. In their support for e-learning, Google has created new distance learning resources, including a collection of training materials, a new YouTube Learning Hub, and a series of blog posts and webinars. Google has been also helping schools to quickly get set up with the free G Suite tool for Education and is working to provide additional technical support. Google’s training content for SMEs (Internetowe Rewolucje) was customized to help entrepreneurs with work from home. In cooperation with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and GovTech Poland, Google and other companies kicked off an international online hackathon to help fight the virus: Hack the Crisis - Tech for Good. 



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The Warsaw office of Greenberg Traurig has launched a special Covid-19 Pro Bono Program for micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Within the scope of the Program, GT Warsaw lawyers will help entrepreneurs to implement the tax- and labor- related components of the “anti-crisis shield” as well as analyze and – if necessary – renegotiate the agreements which they will not able to comply with due to the outbreak. To submit an application to the Program, please fill in the form: FORM


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HSBC in Poland donated 640,000 PLN to support local communities in their fight against COVID-19. The contributions from HSBC Poland and HSBC Service Delivery went to @WOŚP, @FundacjaAlivia and 6 hospitals in Krakow, Gdansk, Warszawa and Malbork. This funding helped to purchase medical and personal protective equipment to help both medical teams and vulnerable people fight the pandemic all over Poland.


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[May 14] IBM launched the “Edzia” chatbot, based on IBM Watson Assistant technology to support Polish teachers and education communities pro bono. The cross-function project team from IBM Poland cooperated with five leading Tech and Education NGO's where they have developed and deployed a fully functional edu chatbot that covers 80 different topics on remote education, ranging from technical, legal and organizational to subject-specific inquiries.

#Edzia is now live and hosted on IBM PolskaI NGO partner websites, e.g., and


IBM confirmed that their pro bono support in the fight against coronavirus reached 2 mln PLN.

The  IBM Clinical Development system has been made available – without charge – to national health agencies to reduce the time and cost of clinical trials by providing data and analysis. IBM also granted for 3 months free access to IBM Cloud and other technologies as well as IBM Global University Programs platforms providing free online skills education. 

The Polish Ministry of Health has started cooperation with IBM Poland to set up a Watson-based virtual assistant on the site Polish citizens can receive answers to some of their most popular questions about the disease – such as symptoms, quarantine and the recommended procedures to follow in case of infection, or suspicion of having the disease. This system is already helping to answer more than 50 000 citizens per day.

IBM is also offering Evoting tool for anonymous voting on the basis of a platform created by IBM Poland team on blockchain for KDWP

In addition, IBM runs trainings for teachers regarding distanced learning using Cisco Webex, 3500 teachers have been trained so far.


image 65

InterContinental Warsaw supported action organized by #swiathoteli - #oninaspotrzebuja. They provided cleaning and hygiene products for employees of the E.R. of the MSWiA hospital.


image 12

Integer donated 109 000 face masks to 18 hospitals all over Poland to prevent their medical personnel and patients from coronovirus. The company also provided free transport of computers used in distanced education for the kids in need as well as transported protective face shields produced by #DrukarzeDlaSzpitali to the hospitals In Poland that needed them most. In cooperation with Lotte Wedel the company sent sweets to 465 infectious hospitals all over Poland.


image 28

International Paper donated over 4,500 reams of office paper for hospitals in Pomerania and Małopolska. It has also donated pack paper, which will allow hygienic packaging of 48,000 meals for patients and hospital staff.


image 69

Johnson & Johnson companies operating in Poland - Janssen-Cilag Polska and Johnson & JohnsonPoland will donate over PLN 1 million to support efforts to combat the coronavirus epidemic. As part of charity assistance, Janssen-Cilag will donate PLN 500,000 to the dedicated WOŚP Intervention Fund. As part of the accumulated funds, the Foundation will purchase personal protective equipment for medical personnel, beds for intensive care units or cardiomonitors for hospitals. Johnson & Johnson Poland will provide cash and donations to six single-name hospitals - nearly PLN 400,000 that will be used for the purchase of, among others personal protection equipment, and over 35,000 packaging of hygiene products.



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KPMG Polska is undertaking support activities during the crisis caused by the SARS CoV-2 pandemic, i.a.: preparing publications, factual materials, non-chargeable webcasts and ready-made templates of applications that help to manage the business. All materials are aggregated by a dedicated subpage on An emergency e-mail address has also been activated for companies:, which can send questions about the impact of the current situation on their business. 


The KPMG Foundation in Poland has purchased the equipment for laboratory dealing with the diagnosis and research on coronavirus, 5,000 protective masks for the staff of one of the hospitals and will provide over 300 computers with Internet access to students with financial difficulties.


image 14

Lidya. Because in times like these, SMEs suffer the most, Lidya has decided to allocate PLN 4 million PLN to finance working capital for small businesses in Poland. 


image 61

Lockheed Martin donated 100 000 USD to support medical personnel in Poland donating an ambulance, medical equipment and personal protection equipment to hospitals in Poland.​​​​​


image 15image-20201102150927-1image-20201102150927-2

Lufthansa. Repatriation flights - Until Fri 27 March Lufthansa Group airlines have performed 262 repatriation flights from 60 destinations worldwide to bring 48,000 stranded passengers back home to Europe. Their Joint Venture partner - United Airlines is working closely with the US government and officials in other countries where flying has been restricted to gain the necessary approvals to operate services to bring US citizens back home. In regions where government actions have barred international flying, United has coordinated with the U.S. State Department and local government officials to re-instate some flights.

Peace of mind for passengers with existing bookings Lufthansa flights - Customers with tickets for cancelled and existing Lufthansa Group flights can keep these tickets without having to commit to a new flight date straight away. 
Existing bookings will initially be cancelled, but the ticket and ticket value will remain unchanged and can be extended to a new departure date up to 30 April 2021.

Customers can also rebook to another destination. 

image 65

LYNKA converted a part of its corporate apparel manufacturing operations to produce reusable protective face masks for the Corporate, SME and schools’ market shortly after the onset of Covid-19 in Poland. Since that time, the company has donated thousands of face masks to the Friends of Children’s Hospitals Foundation in Warsaw, and to the University Children’s Hospital of Cracow (Prokocim). A portion of the profits made from all face mask sales in Poland are donated each month to the University Children’s Hospital of Cracow foundation. As a part of our Lynka Cares CSR program, we support other charitable and not-for-profit organizations with free-of-charge or preferentially priced printing services on goods ordered for the actions whose beneficiaries are children or children’s hospitals.

image 65

Marriott Warsaw Hotel crew started to sew face masks for Polski Czerwony Krzyż (PCK). They produced 250 masks so far and plan to sew 150 masks per day. Warsaw Marriott Hotel provides the rooms for medical personnel fighting against coronavirus. Warsaw Marriott Hotel delivered detergents and cleaning stuff for the patients of MSWiA hospital in Warsaw.

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McCormick Polska together with the Polish Foodban is runing the program kulinarnie-mocni which is developed to support families with less means to still cook a healthy and tasty meal (see also: ). Next to that, they are giving the foodbanks regular donations in the form of products. In February they provided them with products with a production value of over 100.000$.

image 18

McDonald’s become a Strategic Partner of #WzywamyPosiłki initiative delivering meals and water to the hospitals in need all over Poland. Over 2300 meals got to the healthcare staff already. 



image 19

Ronald McDonald Foundation donated 20 000 masks preventing from COVID-19 to hospitals in Warsaw and Kraków.



image 20

Microsoft launched website: ZdalnaNauka dedicated to remote education. Content includes instructions, online courses/webinars etc. Microsoft reminds that Office365 EDU is a free of charge solution for educational sector.

Microsoft also has a free of charge software offer for NGO’s.


Microsoft provides six-month free of charge version of Microsoft Teams - a tool for remote work (together with whole Office365 E1 package) for business. 



image 21

Mondelez delivered sweets for Easter to the kids from Oborniki Śląskie hospital.


Mondelēz Intl (global snacking company with iconic global and local brands such as Milka, Oreo, belVita, Delicje, Prince Polo and Halls) globally committed to invest 15 million USD in helping the communities and populations that have been hit hardest by COVID-19. Priority areas of help are food instability and emergency relief.


In Poland Mondelez already donated 150 000 PLN for WOŚP Coronavirus Relief Fund organized by The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The purpose of the Fund is to support Polish hospitals by purchasing the necessary equipment to fight COVID-19. 



image 2

[May 14] Motorola Solutions Polska employees have replied to pupils' needs and provide online education support for eight children from the Family Orphanage in Krakow (aged 10-15). Volunteers help children with their daily homework. Lessons last up to 45 minutes and are adjusted to the school lesson plans. Kids were equipped by Motorola Solutions with web cameras and headsets.


Motorola Solutions donated 73 sets two-way radios to the hospital that responds to one of the isolators in Krakow, to ensure a communication system between medical staff and patients. The company also provided letter envelopes and 1000 printer paper packages. The medical crew in three hospitals receives deliveries of fresh fruits.
The Polish team has engaged in sewing protective mask for hospitals, hospices, and other places where they are essential on a daily basis and gathered money for safety glasses. They are producing protective face shields using their private 3D printers. 


image 14

MSD focuses on several key areas, such as protecting the safety of its employees and their families, ensuring continuity of supply and availability of drugs and vaccines for patients and clients, the contribution of the company's scientific knowledge to the development of effective methods of combating Sars-CoV-2 and supporting health care and our communities. In the interest of ensuring a sense of security for employees and their families, the company offers support in the form of educational tools and resources as well as free psychological consultations. The company also allocates grants to non-governmental organizations and foundations organizing, among others purchases of personal protective materials and disinfectants for the needs of healthcare centers. As part of its educational mission, MSD is also a partner in a series of webinars with the participation of experts who provide practical tips for doctors, nurses and parents in the field of vaccination of children and adults.



image 45

Multi Poland is sharing their parking lot for doctors from Copernicus Hospital in Gdańsk, due to hospital development works on their parking. They also delivered 2450 medical masks and 400 face shields for Copernicus Hospital’s medical personnel.



image 41

NCR  focuses on ensuring uninterrupted availability of NCR’s ATMs, Points of Sales and Self Checkouts is key for providing both cash and retail supplies to the society. Numerous actions are taken to make sure that equipment serviced or operated by NCR works without interruptions.



image 64

The Novartis Group is allocating donations worth PLN 2,000,000 to fight the pandemic in Poland. The company established cooperation with Warsaw Genomics, donating PLN 1,000,000 to carry out SARS-CoV-2 tests for public hospitals fighting coronavirus. The second part of the assistance is a financial donation of PLN 1,000,000 to the National Institute of Public Health, which will make the necessary, urgent purchases for infectious hospitals whom are fighting for the life and health of their patients infected with the coronavirus. At the beginning of March, the global branch of Novartis launched the Novartis COVID-19 Fund in the amount of USD 20 million, which enables support for local public health initiatives in the fight against the pandemic. Poland under the project received financial donations totaling PLN 2,000,000. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Novartis Group is launching a number of activities related to the verification of drug activity from the company's portfolio in minimizing the effects of the coronavirus. These activities are not only global efforts in the area of R&D, but also a management strategy for one of the largest Novartis production factories in Europe, which operates in Stryków, to secure the needs of Polish patients.


image 42

Orange Polska supports #zostańwdomu (#stayhome). Online learning from home consumes lots of internet. Therefore, Orange Polska gives up to 200GB to pupils, students and teachers with Orange Flex for a symbolic PLN 1 per month. 
OPL gives to all its individual mobile customers additional 10 GB of data to cope with current situation. Orange Polska is opening more TV channels for Orange TV customers until the end of March. Orange Polska helps to enjoy free bundles of mobile internet, extra TV and VOD - one month of Orange Love for free. Courier supplies are now for free if order is made online.
Orange Foundation offers educational applications and materials for online learning. Specially for kids, Orange Foundation launched online programming training – Superkoderzy.
Orange Polska also supports Warsaw Genomics in their efforts to make Covid19 testing more prevalent and accessible.



image 43

Pegasystems implemented the following actions to support the fight with coronavirus: 


#WzywamyPosilki – their fruits deliveries are now redirected to a restaurant that makes salads and smoothies, which are then delivered to healthcare personnel and patients of one of the hospitals in Kraków 


#TaxiDlaZdrowia – medical personnel will be offered free rides to and back from work with  Free Now 


In addition their employees sew protective masks for medical personnel and printed protective face shields for medical personnel on their private 3D printers. 


image 44

PepsiCo Poland initiated relief activities for local communities affected by Covid. Firstly, by suppling food and beverages to Polish hospitals. Next the company offered a direct financial contribution to the Covid intervention fund managed by the WOŚP Foundation. This was coupled with the Polish employees also contributing financially from their monthly salaries. PepsiCo has also purchased 48,000 hot meals for medical staff and seniors and donated 1 MM Pepsi bottles to bars and restaurants. The total value of the relief activities offered amounts to approx. 6MM PLN.



image 62

Pfizer Poland decided to spend 1 million PLN on fighting the coronavirus. The help is directed towards the medical personnel, who are at the front line of the fight against the virus.


This support includes an in-kind donation in the form of personal protective equipment to hospitals that will be able to benefit doctors and medical staff. Pfizer has also joined a great initiative organized by Warsaw Genomics - a Coalition of companies supporting the fight against the coronavirus, in which the company also provided funding for the purchase of reliable diagnostic tests for hospitals, facilities and medical staff.



image 3

Philip Morris Polska has spent PLN 4 million on the fight against SARS-CoV-2. The amount will go to the Polish health service directly and through NGOs that conduct collections for medical personnel and medical facilities throughout Poland. Polish hospitals will receive modern, automated medical equipment and precise genetic tests for the presence of coronavirus. Philip Morris Polska is using part of its production line in Krakow’s factory to make disinfectants, which will eventually be donated to health care facilities. 


image 71

Philips Polska is supporting fight against COVID-19 by donating 25 portable ultrasound sets to the Great Orchestra of Christmas (WOŚP) charity organization to equip the hospitals that are dedicated to treat coronavirus patients in Poland.



image 46

PKP Energetyka main focus is to provide uninterrupted power supply both to the railway sector as well as business and individuals. To back-up services responsible for continuity of energy supply and distribution, 10 additional, independent and fully isolated dispatching centers and a group of 90 dispatchers who work effectively in safe conditions were established. PKP Energetyka organizes webinars and provide psychological help for all employees in need and take care of their retired employees who seek for help during pandemic.


image 48

Procter & Gamble is joining hands with their partner- Polish Red Cross - to help medical institutions and families in need by supplying their products. Brands such as Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Blend-A-Med, Oral B, Pampers and Always are donating 300 000 PLN of products as they can play an important role in maintaining healthy habits and a healthy home environment.



image 4

ProService Finteco is looking at issues caused by business restrictions that are currently occurring on a global scale. If only they can be solved or mitigated using automation – they will help. For this purpose, they use software robots that automate business processes. 

Their solution - Robotic Automation for Crisis Situation (RA4CS) allows primarily to maintain business continuity, fill resource shortages, reduce operating costs, and improve the overall quality of processes.

You are invited to join the ProService Finteco webinars every Wednesday (10.00 - 10.20 am CEST) on the Robotic Automation for Crisis Situation. Register:


image 73

PwC Polska experts and lawyers provide free advice to entrepreneurs regarding their rights and obligations related to the threat caused by the #COVID The company donated PLN 300,000 to hospitals in Cracow and Warsaw for the purchase of the intelligent respirator and personal protective equipment. In addition PwC Polska delivered 20 000 surgical masks and 1000 meals for doctors in Poland. They also donated 100 used laptops to foster care facilities. 



image 49

Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Mielec donate to fight coronavirus epidemic:

Local Hospital in Mielec, 1400 face masks (delivered), 100 liters of disinfection liquid face shields (delivery in progress) - PLN 10 thousand, USD 2,7 thousand

Local Mielec Emergency Medical Service – financial support for the purchase of the ambulance disinfection device PLN 13 thousand USD 3.6 thousand, (full amount for the device is PLN 25 thousand)

PZL will ensure timely payments to small and medium suppliers and will shorten payment terms to support small and medium suppliers maintain liquidity.


image 17

Roche has initiated several projects that will support the economic environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of attention was paid to help hospitals with the support of both personal protective equipment and the implementation of IT solutions, along with providing the necessary equipment for more than 20 centers. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, assistance was provided to patient organizations by providing them with IT equipment, and by organizing the necessary training to work remotely. A project was also initiated to support regular Suppliers who were in a difficult financial situation as a result of the pandemic (limiting or even inhibiting their services). Feeling social responsibility and implementing a partnership approach to our Suppliers, a decision was made to temporarily introduce special terms of cooperation, including payment terms. We hope that thanks to these activities, returning to normalcy will be easier for everyone, and the company will be able to continue working with its regular suppliers.


image 6

In partnership with PTC, Rockwell Automation is offering free access to Vuforia Chalk, a collaborative remote assistance tool, through June 30, 2020. This augmented reality software program helps people who need to share real-time instructions and guidance without being physically on-site:

Additionally, you can join free webinar to present possibilities of Vuforia - here


image 50

Rodowita z Roztocza mineral water has donated water to all hospitals in the Lubelskie region (where the bottling plant is located) that have been set up to treat patients with COVID-19.  


image 51

Santander Bank Polska. In response to the situation related to the epidemiological threat and the needs reported by the Polish health service, Santander will donate PLN 2 million for the purchase of necessary medical equipment to eight Polish hospitals. The bank also announced that it would double the amount raised in the charity fundraising launched by the Santander Bank Polska Foundation.


image 20

While working on a new vaccine, Sanofi is looking for possible solutions to fight the coronavirus, based on existing therapies in their portfolio. A clinical program initiated in cooperation with Regeneron, evaluates therapies approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis as an option for the treatment of patients hospitalized with severe COVID-19. Sanofi is working to maintain stocks of all drugs and vaccines that are key to patients with other illnesses and clinical trials. At the local level, they cooperate with the Polish Red Cross, Polish Federation of Hospitals and supports patient organizations such as the Polish Diabetic Association. In addition, they organize a series of educational webinars for doctors and patients with chronic diseases.


image 63

Siemens has joined the "Coalition of companies supporting the fight against coronavirus" organized around Warsaw Genomics. Three companies from the Siemens group in Poland - Siemens, Siemens Mobility and Siemens Financial Services - have donated money to the laboratory, which provides COVID-19 tests for public hospitals. The company also organized a fundraiser among its employees for the purchase of necessary equipment and hygiene products for two medical facilities - the Pomeranian Pulmonology Center in Bydgoszcz and the Medical University in Łódź. Siemens will double the amount collected by employees

Also, Siemens has provided for free Additive Manufacturing Network (AMN) to enable the efficient execution of design and printing requests by doctors, hospitals and suppliers of medical equipment in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Designers, engineers and service providers from around the world specializing in 3D printing can offer their knowledge to all interested medical institutions via the AMN platform.


image 29

Squire Patton Boggs has launched the Coronavirus Resource Hub where it provides guidance on key legal issues for businesses to consider, together with some practical steps for them to take.


The Firm has also introduced a complimentary COVID-19 Contingency Risk Assessment Online Tool which enables companies to self-assess their contingency arrangements and receive a contingency planning template.



image 52

Steelcase offers webinars on the crisis management free of charge.


image 53

TMF Poland will be supporting Szpital Zakaźny in Chorzów. Currently they are discussing the needs of the hospital so that they can deliver most suitable items.


image 54

Uber offers 10 000 free trips to the medical staff of facilities battling the pandemics on a daily basis. Together with McDonald’s and Costa Coffee they deliver meals to medical staff of hospitals dealing with COVID-19 as part of the #wzywamyposiłki initiative. Uber also supports WOŚP Foundation with their “Pomagamy” action – they ’ve supplied the Foundation’s volunteers with codes for Uber trips. 

Uber supports the employees of Polish healthcare by offering 10 000 free cars for doctors and nurses from Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Łódź and Śląsk


image 55

Unum supports individual employees and associates in their help addressed to neighbors in need in their community, especially seniors. Unum Foundation reserved 25.000PLN (USD 6000) for this purpose. They also purchase medical equipment for one of the hospitals (the name of the hospital will be confirmed shortly).



image 56

UPC Poland, together with Ministry of Digital Affairs, has launched Internet for education program to support Polish educators ( by providing 2000 Polish teachers with a free of charge access to unlimited, high-capacity, reliable broadband internet. In addition to that, within #actingwithcare campaing for its customers, UPC organizes virtual online courses for kids, inspiring them to gain skills and competences of tomorrow. Next to that, to ease social distancing, UPC Polska has made their kids’ channels available to all video customers and created a dedicated site for customers ( with special offers to make to most of digital during #stayathome.


UPC. With care as one of its core value, UPC Poland has started #actingwithcare campaign for its customers and organizes virtual online courses for kids, inspiring them to gain skills and competences of tomorrow. Next to that, to ease social distancing, UPC Polska has made their kids’ channels available to all video customers. The company has created a dedicated site for customers ( ) with special offers to make the most of digital during #stayathome.


image 81

Vertex Pharmaceuticals has awarded the MATIO Foundation a grant of over PLN 220,000 for the purchase of personal protective equipment for patients suffering from cystic fibrosis - a group particularly vulnerable to respiratory tract infections. Vertex is engaged in combating the COViD-19 epidemic around the world. The Vertex Foundation has committed USD 5 million to support on-the-ground COVID-19 pandemic response efforts in our local communities, focused on essential health care and health supplies and providing support for vulnerable populations.


image 57

Wardyński & Partners launches a new website New section of the website has been launched three weeks ago – it’s devoted to doing business during the pandemic. You are invited you to visit a specially prepared website where you will find nearly 150 practical FAQs, dozens of articles, and a few webinars (these numbers will obviously grow). is the sum of the efforts of Wardyński & Partners lawyers. They have examined the new challenges through the prism of their law practice to come up with tips and explanations across a comprehensive range of legal aspects. Every entry is tagged to a specific topic, allowing users to navigate toward other items in the same category. The site also includes a practical search function. If users have any questions, they are encouraged direct contact with the authors (their contact details are provided with each entry).



image 58

XEOS handed over PPE and desinfectants to local emergency station from Środa Śląska.




image 59

Żabka donated 500 000 protective face masks to medical personnel in Poland and sells face protective masks at its shops with no profit.


Żabka Polska donated 4.5 million PLN (1 087 613 USD) to support all state operations aimed at fighting the epidemic. Another 2 million PLN (483 010 USD) has been dedicated for purchasing SARS-CoV-2 tests from Warsaw Genomics, a Polish laboratory specializing in genetic diagnostics. Company also supports local initiatives focused on providing meals for healthcare professionals. 


Through its mobile application “Żappka”, the company encourages customers to transfer collected points to support regional infectious diseases hospitals. The points, called “żappsy”, can be exchanged into helping vouchers worth between 1 PLN and 100 PLN, which the company additionally doubles!