KPMG (e)Forum – Business in times of pandemic

We invite you to take part in the “KPMG (e)Forum | Business in times of pandemic”. This is a series of free online conferences dedicated to the latest challenges posed before entrepreneurs by the ever-transforming business reality, offering solutions tailored to particular needs and issues.The sessions will be hosted by KPMG experts with extensive professional experience in tax, legal, and business advisory.



21 May 2020 (Thursday) 10:00-12:50

 #1 Support for legal, accounting and tax challenges – Register here

  • Financial reporting in a new economic reality

  • Legal risks related to COVID 19 regulations – what should entrepreneurs and members of company boards pay attention to?

  • Tax measures under the Anti-Crisis Shield

  • Other tax arrangements (outside the Anti-Crisis Shield)

28 May 2020 (Thursday) 10:00-12:35
  #2 Sources of funding and grants – 
Register here

  • Subsidization of salaries under the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund

  • Subsidization of salaries by the District Governor

  • Loans for micro-enterprises

  • Downtime benefit

  • Grants co-financing business activity for self-employed

  • Exemption from the obligation to pay social security contributions

  • Anti-Crisis Shield of the Polish Development Fund

  • A relief on research and development works and a 5% CIT rate under the IP Box scheme to increase liquidity in times of crisis

2 June 2020 (Tuesday) 10:00-12:50

 #3 Digitally Ready – Register here 

  • Data-driven company — how to get the most out of your data in managing your business

  • Data governance — transparency and reliability of the information

  • Cloud analytics platform

  • Robotic automation of business processes

9 June 2020 (Tuesday) 10:00-13:30

 #4 Restructuring or bankruptcy – Register here

  • Legal aspects of restructuring

  • Bankruptcy during  pandemic

  • Tax challenges in the restructuring process 

  • The value of the company and its assets in the face of restructuring or bankruptcy

  • The value of the company and its assets in the face of restructuring or bankruptcy

  • Distressed M&A – hope for companies under restructuring and an opportunity for investors

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