Green Investment Co-Financing – What EU grants and incentives are available for 2021-2027

We are entering a new wave of EU funding accessible for entrepreneurs and the public sector directly from the EU 2021-2027 budget. More than 30% of those funds are dedicated solely to a green transition. What does it mean in practice for entrepreneurs, citizens, and public institutions? When can they apply for grants, how ESG projects would be financed, and on what conditions? 

These were key points for the AmCham Sustainability Committee meeting organized on June 24 and moderated by Mariusz Wawer with experts from PwC PolskaAgnieszka GajewskaMieczysław GontaBarbara Brzezińska, and Karina Kostrzewa.

Answering the question from the audience, it was underlined that all sectors seem to be interested in the EU funding, specially energy, heavy industry, automotive and financial services