Fight against Counterfeiting in Poland – How to Protect Intellectual Property Effectively?

On March 23, AmCham organized a meeting entitled Fight against counterfeiting in Poland – How to protect intellectual property effectively. We have hosted experts from DLA Piper, an AmCham member company, Ewa Kurowska-Tober, Partner, Global Co-Chair Data Protection, Privacy and Security; Alicja Wolny IP lawyer; Aleksandra Wrońska and Krystian Maciaszek, Counsels. We have discussed the real impact of entrepreneurs’ recorded losses and strategies to speed up and simplify the procedures to make the process efficient effectively, as well as legislative changes necessary to protect intellectual property. Contrary to public thinking, luxurious products represent only a part of counterfeit goods. We observe counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, anticancer therapy drugs, and we may expect COVID-19 injections shortly to be counterfeited as well. Product counterfeiting is growing in scope, scale, and threat. This growth emphasizes the need for anti-counterfeit strategies that protect corporations but consumers as well. The process will require a holistic approach to combat this threat effectively.

This was the first meeting in a series, and we will continue the topic in the future.