What to Expect in 2024? The year-opening meeting with KPMG and the AmCham Advocacy team in Krakow

Start: 2024-01-25 09:45
End: 2024-01-25 12:30
Cracow University of Technology
Warszawska 24

'GIL' building, room 219 (2nd floor) 


AmCham Kraków & Katowice Branch year opening meeting took place last Thursday, January 25, 2024. KPMG experts: Mirosław Michna, Łukasz Piwowarczyk, Agnieszka Sułecka, Wiktor Podsiadło, Paweł Karbowniczek, Piotr Caban, Jakub Olender and Tomasz Majnusz delivered an instant review of tax challenges for 2024, highlighting details of the upcoming regulations that may have the most significant impact on companies' operations and strategies.

After a short presentation from Joanna Szypułka, CTT, on innovation and commercialization, Marta Pawlak, Legal and Public Policy Director of AmCham joined the meeting online and presented AmCham advocacy priorities for 2024 and spoke about details of the planned dialogue with the newly elected government.

Thank you, Jacek Kasz and the Center for Technology Transfer, Cracow University of Technology team for hosting us, and Paweł Krzyżak, for coordinating the KPMG experts team for this meeting.

Download KPMG presentation HERE

View video overview HERE


Mirosław Michna
Łukasz Piwowarczyk
Agnieszka Sułecka
Wiktor Podsiadło
Paweł Karbowniczek
Piotr Caban
Tomasz Majnusz
Jakub Olender
Joanna Szypułka