Traveling for business or leisure during the pandemic. What does this mean, and how to be better prepared?

Start: 2021-11-09 09:30
End: 2021-11-09 10:30

The pandemic has changed travelers' behavior, priorities, and perception when it comes to health and safety when traveling. Companies, more than ever, are acknowledging their responsibility to safeguard their employees' health and safety while traveling. It is now time for organizations to rethink their strategies when managing this risk factor.

On behalf of the AmCham Travel & Tourism Committee, we invite you to a meeting entitled Traveling for business or leisure during the pandemic. What does this mean, and how to be better prepared?

Our speakers will be representatives of NFZ (National Health Fund), AON and and Allianz and we will discuss:

  • the rules for posted workers in EU/EFTA countries and the scopes of benefits based on the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ) for travelers, as well as reimbursement procedures;
  • If or when insurance is essential for business or leisure travel?
  • What are the points to consider (flight cancellations or delays, lost luggage, need for medical assistance if exposed to COVID, or any other medical issue)?
  • What will insurance coverage offer?
  • What would be the minimum recommendation for purchasing insurance coverage, if at all, and why?
  • What happens within EU borders and outside the EU when traveling without insurance and something goes wrong? Are we eligible for free healthcare or any other assistance?
  • How about traveling to the US for business or leisure in terms of insurance recommendations?

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 9 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

To attend click the "I will attend button" to confirm your presence. The Webex webinar link will be sent out to all registrants prior to the event.


Kinga Beda National Health Fund (NFZ)

Weronika Gackowska Business Development Manager at Allianz

Agnieszka Komorowska Business Development Director of Aon

Artur Mysłek Senior Broker at Aon

Justyna Stefaniak Senior Broker at Aon