Towards a Sustainable World or a Dangerous Utopia conference

Start: 2024-06-28 15:00
End: 2024-06-29 18:00
Jagiellonian Univestity

During the conference of the Jagiellonian Univeristy / Szkoła Prawa Amerykańskiego and The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law “Towards a Sustainable World or a Dangerous Utopia?” AmCham Poland had a vast representation in the discussions confronting European and American perspectives on ESG and the role of lawyers and legal departments in future, ESG-focused organizations. The discussion also covered how the changing environment, social, and governance paradigms should be reflected in the education programs of Polish and U.S. law schools in the future.

Among speakers and panelists: Hester Peirce, Honorable Securities and Exchange Commissioner (SEC);

Phyllis Borzi, Honorable Former Assistant Secretary for Employee Benefits Security in the Labor Department;

Jacek Jastrzebski , Chair of the KNF Board / Associate Professor at University of Warsaw; and AmCham Poland representation including:

Zofia Piwowarek,  Santander, as a panelist in “Competing visions of corporate interests and ESG goals”;

Małgorzata Podrecka, CANPACK, as a panelist in “Conceptualizing ESG and Sustainability”; and

Mariusz Mielczarek, Amazon and AmCham Digital Committee co-chair;

Mariusz Wawer, 3M and AmCham Sustainability Committee chair;

Mateusz Jurczyk, AmCham Kraków & Katowice Director, all 3 as panelists in “Law and Business Perspectives on Practice Challenges in Meeting ESG Requirements”

Read Commissioner’s Hester Peirce speech “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to ESG: Remarks at Annual US-Central and Eastern European Connection Weekend”: