Tax and Customs Control – Is there a reason to be afraid?

Start: 2024-03-26 09:30
End: 2024-03-26 10:30
AmCham Boardroom and online
Spektrum, ul. Twarda 18, 16th floor

Tax and customs controls have been increasing steadily in Poland. The tax auditors are also more effective in selecting taxpayers to be audited, but what is the scope of customs and tax inspection in Poland, and how can businesses get prepared? Today, AmCham Tax & Financial Services Committee hosted Oskar Wala and Marcin Górniak, Seniors Manager from KPMG in Poland, AmCham member company, who presented selected statistics on the conducted tax and customs controls, followed by a discussion on how and on what basis tax authorities choose the entities to be audited and how the audit itself proceeds.

We have also discussed how a taxpayer can prepare for an audit, what to expect in the course of it, and how to secure sensitive spheres of activity that may be particularly vulnerable to questioning by the authorities. According to our speakers, there are some obvious but essential takeaways regarding preparing for tax controls. First, preparations should be ongoing, with an option to use individual interpellation in justified cases. To make sure that the control proceeds smoothly, it is worth remembering to describe cases completely, educate staff to let them know what they are obliged to do but what they mustn’t do, and remember that the taxpayers have their rights and do not have to passively wait for the results of the inspection. They are powered to use the tools they are entitled to, like appointing a representative, a witness hearing, or seeking an expert opinion.

Thank you to our speakers, and Piotr Pikuła and Adam Soska for moderating the discussion.


Oskar Wala
Marcin Górniak