Strategic Foresight with focus on CEE – part 2:Strategic Planning at a Time of Dramatic Uncertainty

Start: 2022-10-25 15:00
End: 2022-10-25 16:30

In fall 2022 AmCham CzechiaAmCham PolandAmCham Romania and AmCham Slovakia created a joint platform for a series of 3 online 75 minutes debates to look together with renowned experts on geopolitics and strategic foresight.

Join the second webinar: Strategic Planning at a Time of Dramatic Uncertainty to get answers to the following questions:

  • What is similar and what is different in strategic planning in the public and private sectors?
  • Cyber risk is a top issue/priority. How can we see the cyber risk landscape evolving? What are some of the best practices experts are advising business leaders in terms of managing cyber risk?
  • The region is feeling very much buffeted by a range of once black swan type events - covid, climate change, migration, war, energy cutoffs. How can businesses think and plan strategically in that kind of environment? How can business leaders incorporate greater resilience into their business plans?

Troy Thomas Managing Director & Partner of BCG