Rebuild Ukraine Working Group – Meet AmCham Ukraine Team

Start: 2023-03-30 10:00
End: 2023-03-30 11:30

After the successful launch of the 'Rebuild Ukraine' Working Group ​ on February 28, AmCham Poland continues its efforts to enable member companies to understand and engage in Ukraine rebuild process. Close cooperation with our Ukrainian partners is the key to success. In the following weeks and months, AmCham Poland will organize a series of meetings, helping you understand the needs of different sectors of the Ukrainian economy and set communication channels with business and government representatives. To define the group's priorities, we ask you to let us know which sectors, areas, or topics are interesting for your company.

Please send a brief answer by email to [email protected] by March 28, 2023.

Before we move on with the discussions of your areas of interest, we invite you to the next meeting of the 'Rebuild Ukraine' Working Group, scheduled for March 30, 2023, 10:00 - 11:30 on Webex.

During this online meeting, you will have a chance to meet employees of AmCham Ukraine and learn more about their areas of expertise. You will be able to make a direct connection. At the same time, the meeting will help us structure the priorities and define the focus for the next sectorial meetings we plan to organize together with AmCham Ukraine.


Nataliya Plikha Policy Director of AmCham Ukraine


Nataliya Chervona Business Development Director of AmCham Ukraine


Oksana Shvets Chief Policy Officer (Tax & Customs Issues) at AmCham Ukraine


Veronika Alieksieienko Chief Policy Officer (Banking & Financial Issues) at AmCham Ukraine


Zarina Demyanenko Chief Policy Officer (HR, Tourism, Media Issues) at AmCham Ukraine


Tamila Nasonova Senior Policy Officer (Agriculture & Seeds Issues) at AmCham Ukraine


Yana Hrytsenko Senior Policy Officer (Infrastructure, Security & Defense Issues) at AmCham Ukraine


Olha Havrylyshyn Policy Officer (Healthcare Issues) at AmCham Ukraine


Lyudmyla Filiuk Policy Officer (Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Retail Issues) at AmCham Ukraine


Diana Liubarets Policy Officer (Energy & Sustainability Issues) at AmCham Ukraine


Valeria Lysenko Junior Policy Officer (IT & Personal Data Protection Issues)


Hanna Buznytska Junior Policy Officer (Compliance, Competition Committees) at AmCham Ukraine


Yuliia Borshch Junior Policy Officer (Legal & IPR Issues) at AmCham Ukraine