AmCham Industry and Energy Committee: Do Manufacturers Really Must Care about the NIS2 Directive / National Cyber Security System Act?

Start: 2024-07-03 09:30
End: 2024-07-03 11:00
AmCham Boardroom
Twarda 18

‘Do Manufacturers Really Must Care about the NIS2 Directive / National Cyber Security System Act?’ With our two speakers: Joanna Chmielak from Fortinet and Monika Stachoń from NASK, we not only answered that question positively during the AmCham Industry & Energy Committee on July 3, 2024, but we also deep-dived into planned manufacturers’ obligations included in the National Cyber Security System Act.

Joanna Chmielak's presentation dealt with awareness surveys on the rules resulting from the NIS2 directive. Although a large proportion of surveyed company representatives have heard of the directive, the vast majority are not fully aware of the status of their companies in light of the new obligations. A significant portion of those surveyed are also unclear about the scope of the obligations and how they should be implemented in the company. The data collected also shows that the best prepared for implementing the new commitments are entities from industries already covered by the NIS1 Directive (e.g., the energy sector).

Monika Stachoń gave a comprehensive presentation on the most critical aspects of the changes to the National Cyber Security System Act and their impact on the operation of enterprises. The main differences between the directive and the Polish law implementing it were discussed, as well as the timeline for the entry into force of obligations under the law and the characteristics of the key concepts on which the law is based.

In a very lively discussion after both presentations, we had the opportunity to learn about AmCham members' experiences to date in implementing the new regulations in their organizations and discuss organizational aspects of raising the level of cybersecurity in member companies.
Thank you to all, who took part in the discussion. Special thanks to
Ewa Mikos-Romanowicz (Ewa Mikos), co-chair of the Industry and Energy Committee, for bringing up the topic to the committee agenda, organizing and running the meeting together with Mateusz Jurczyk. Thank you, Beata Baran and Bartosz Szyler for supporting the event.


Monika Stachoń
Joanna Chmielak