AmCham Industry and Energy Committee – Industry 4.0 meets the 5G. New Opportunities & Challenges for Industrial Efficiency

Start: 2024-02-20 10:30
End: 2024-02-20 13:30
Industry 4.0 Center of the Silesian University of Technology (Gliwice)
Konarskiego 22B

Amcham Industry & Energy Committee, grouped with the Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Committee of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce to organize a meeting at the Industry 4.0 Center of the Silesian University of Technology. Thanks to the University’s invitation, over 70 guests had a chance to listen to the debate ‘The New Era of Industry - The Power of 5G Connectivity’, followed by a tour that took us through the University’s 5G Communication and Autonomous Vehicles Laboratories. 

Thank you who joined us yesterday. Special thanks to our speakers and presenters: Andrzej Soldaty, Marek Drewniak, Radosław Łoś, Mirosław Kuligowski, and Ewa Mikos-Romanowicz, who not only led and moderated the meeting but, first of all, put enormous effort into the coordination of the event in 2 chambers. Thank you, AHK and Silesian University of Technology team, for your effort, and Anna Timofiejczuk and Damian Gąsiorek, for supporting the event.

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Marek Drewniak
Artur Pollak
Andrzej Soldaty