AmCham Board & Advisory Council meeting with MP Paweł Kowal, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Sejm

Start: 2024-02-06 15:00
End: 2024-02-06 17:00
Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Ballroom AB (2nd floor)
Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79

Ballroom AB, 2nd floor


On February 6, 2024, we organised an AmCham Board & Advisory Council meeting with MP Paweł Kowal, the newly announced Government Plenipotentiary for Polish-Ukrainian Development Cooperation and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Sejm.

Tony Housh, AmCham Chairman, opened the meeting and underlined the invaluable role that business plays in the Ukraine’s recovery process today, and in the future. He stated that „Poland and Polish Government will be at the forefront of this effort.”

Together with Mr. Kowal, we discussed the importance of businesses and companies in the whole process. He ensured us that his role is to listen and engage in the dialogue what he represented during this meeting. Mr. Kowal explained how Poland could become a hub for companies, both Polish and American, that are willing to participate in rebuilding Ukraine. He also emphasized the significance of cooperation between companies active in the Polish market and the government in the efforts to suport Ukraine. Tony Housh made Mr. Kowal's point even stronger by saying that “There has probably never been a time, in our lifetimes, that interest of American business, of Polish business, have intersected with the security of our countries and with the security in the future of Europe and democracy than today.”

Thank you to all the participants of this event - your questions provided a source for our discussion and showed your active involvement in the process of rebuilding Ukraine.

Also huge thanks to Warsaw Marriott Hotel for great organisation of this event.


Pawel Kowal