American Investor Desk

The American Investor Desk is an investor-dedicated know-how gateway providing comprehensive information on (1) investing in Poland and leveraging over 25 years of local presence & experience by our 350 member firms; (2) investing in the USA and tapping into knowledge and resources about this large market.

If you are an American company or entrepreneur looking to be part of the Polish economic success story we will be happy to guide you on the following practicalities:

  • investing in Poland and the business climate here,
  • key success factors of other investors,
  • industry-specific insights,
  • information about various cities and regions of Poland,
  • and many more actionable hints.

If you are a Polish company or entrepreneur looking to make your success on the US market we will guide you on market-entry know-how and provide key contacts and resource information.

Available to connect you with relevant parties able to foster your growth, such as:

  • other similar investors,
  • professional service providers,
  • city and regional authorities,
  • government investment agencies,
  • industry and business organizations,
  • other AmChams in Europe.
  • and more.

We are proud to partner with the Polish Agency for Investment & Trade (PAIH), the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), U.S. Commercial Service, and the Polish-American Chamber of Commerce Northeast on this mutual referral program.

For detailed information and a
fully confidential introduction please contact
[email protected]