AmChams in Europe stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

AmChams in Europe, the umbrella organisation for 46 AmChams in 44 countries across Europe and Eurasia, stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The ongoing invasion of Ukraine violates international law and endangers peace and security across the region. It poses a clear threat to fundamental values of human dignity, democracy, rule of law and solidarity. 

Our thoughts go out to all the individuals who are directly impacted across the region, including our fellow AmCham colleagues, their members, partners and relatives. 

Our network brings together individuals and organisations with deep ties across Europe and Eurasia, and around the world. It is built upon a strong belief in the importance of cooperation, dialogue and cultural understanding. The military actions underway jeopardise those ideals. 

AmChams in Europe supports all ongoing efforts to avoid further escalation, protect civilians and safeguard security and prosperity across the region.