Amcham Poland’s Initiative for the Aviation Sector

AmCham took the initiative regarding the broadly understood Aviation sector. This sector based on innovations and high-tech is a strong pillar of the Polish economy and creates around 36,000 high-value jobs in Poland. Crisis of COVID-19 and its consequences, the closed borders, and no international flights threatened further development of aviation and many other related companies. 


Because of the gravity of the situation, AmCham submitted its position paper to the Government with postulates to assure coming back on the fast-track of developing the aviation sector. Our postulates was divided into three major groups. 


I. The need to restore international air traffic and its impact on the economic situation and investment climate in Poland. 


With a full understanding of the seriousness of the situation related to the introduction of the state of the epidemic and the issue of national security, the key goal of the sector was the return of international air traffic. The lack of international flights harmed trade and Poland’s presence in the international arena. Poland is bypassed in air traffic in favor of neighboring airports in Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Absence of flights not only generates great costs for operators, but also prevents the development of related enterprises, among others manufacturers of aircraft, parts, repair services, companies from the R&D sector and airport services.


II. The certainty of information regarding airport opening dates and restoring international air traffic. No restrictions of the occupancy of aircraft decks.


Another important issue was the introduction of clear information on airport opening dates and international air traffic permits, allowing operators to plan a route network. In the absence of this certainty, airlines have significant problems with the preparation of the offer, and potential passengers resign from the plans due to the excessive risk of flight cancellation. The big problem was also limiting the occupancy of seats on the plane, which not only is one of the safest kind of transport but will also cause a large increase in ticket prices and weaken demand even more.


III. Support for the Polish Aviation Valley, which is the economic driving force of the Southeastern part of the country.


Even 90% of Polish production in the aviation industry is located in the south-eastern part of Poland. The stagnation of air traffic may cause that enterprises decide to limit their activity in Poland, at the same time weakening the result of many years of involvement of Polish governments in the economic development of Eastern Poland.


Currently, according to a regulation of the Council of Ministers of June 16, 2020, international flights to EFTA countries and the EU, except for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Sweden and Portugal have been restored. At the same time, the ban on civil flights to and from third countries was extended until June 30 this year. Today, June 19, Deputy Prime Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz announced that the 50% occupancy limit for aircraft will be lifted as of July 1, 2020.


AmCham constantly supports all sectors and initiatives aimed at providing the best business environment and return to the rapid development of companies after the COVID-19 crisis. If you have any ideas, please contact the AmCham Legal Team.