AmCham members lend their support


AmCham members join forces in the fight against the coronavirus.


From the very beginning, American investors in Poland and AmCham members, representing many sectors of the Polish economy have actively joined forces to fight against the coronavirus. Both members and investors are sharing their resources and capabilities to support healthcare workers with personal protective equipment, deliver meals to hospitals, transfer funds for SARS-CoV-2 detection tests, provide pro bono legal services and tools to help manage their business, provide platforms and advanced technology systems for both the government and business, as well as the education system to persevere during a difficult pandemic. A large number of employees have joined the campaign voluntarily, supporting health care personnel on the front line of the fight against the coronavirus. The volunteers are sewing masks, 3D printing visors and supporting the local senior community. Their creativity and willingness to help every day inspire us to work together and win the fight against the Coronavirus.


“We asked our members to send us information regarding their actions in the fight against the coronavirus, where the feedback exceeded our expectations. More than 80 companies responded to our request, and their number is constantly growing. Up till now, our members have transferred over PLN 75 million to fight the coronavirus, transferring funds, medical equipment, food and personal protective equipment for medical personnel and hospitals throughout Poland, including over 320,000 protective masks and funded over 2 million meals,” said AmCham Managing Director Dorota Dąbrowska-Winterscheid. 


Information on how our members help the community and the government in the fight against the coronavirus are constantly updated. Let us know how your company is supporting others in this difficult time. AmCham and U.S. Embassy will keep sharing your stories in the email communication, social media and press releases. For more information or to add your story contact:


Anita Kowalska 

Events & Media Manager 

American Chamber of Commerce in Poland 

M: +48 696 024 104 

E: [email protected]


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