AmCham letter on the improvement of checks and border crossings on the border of Poland and Ukraine

AmCham Poland, acting at the request of AmCham UA, sent a letter containing postulates aimed at increasing the transport potential of Polish and Ukrainian border crossings, and shortening the time of border control.

Due to the war in Ukraine and the blocking and mining of Ukrainian ports and waters, efficient crossing/border control on the Republic of Poland and Ukraine border is crucial for humanitarian aid, the civilian population, and business opportunities.

Given the above, AmCham submitted the postulates indicated below to the Minister of Finance, Chief Inspector of Road Transport, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Minister of the Interior and Administration, Minister of Infrastructure, and to the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland.

Postulates contained in the letter:

1. Increasing the number of employees of customs and control authorities (veterinary and phytosanitary inspectors) on the Polish-Ukrainian border to control more vehicles at the same time;

2. Streamlining and accelerating the operation of Polish inspection bodies based on preliminary sorting of goods in trucks (depending on the type of goods) by the Ukrainian side;

3. Quick exchange of information on the number of registered vehicles and the available possibilities of their registration depending on the type of cargo;

4. Reduction of additional control procedures (sampling, laboratory tests) at the border or transferring them to the nearest customs control zone from the border;

5. Assignment of additional checkpoints for the passage of empty vehicles leaving Ukraine on the routes (Zosin-Uściług; Budomierz-Hruszew; Dołhobyczów-Uhrynów; and Krościenko-Smolnica)

6. To join efforts to open the border crossings Malhowice-Niżankowice and Waręż – Uśmierz as soon as possible for the temporary passage of empty trucks leaving Ukraine;

7. Support the idea of simultaneous control by Ukrainian and Polish customs officers.

AmCham Poland letter is available here.