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AmCham.Pl Quarterly readers are top management decision-makers. Approximately 80% belong to other business organizations, clubs and other associations. They are trend-setters with a personal income over PLN 10,000 a month, traveling extensively for business and leisure. All have traveled to the U.S. and have business links with the U.S. They are extremely mobile and have active lifestyles. 

The publication is delivered by mail to 750 personal addresses in total, 625 in Warsaw. Approximately 600 copies are distributed each month at AmCham high-profile events such as Monthly Meetings, Business Mixers, and Committee Meetings. Super events include AmCham 4th of July Picnic, meetings with the U.S. Ambassador, U.S. government members and Polish government ministers. 

AmCham Member Companies get 10% discount from the prices quoted below. 

For placing order for three or more issues in advance, a 10% discount applies. 


Ads inside magazine

Format Size Price
Full Page 210x297mm 3,000
Half Page Horizontal:210x150mm, 
Vertical: 105x297mm
Quarter Page 105x150mm 1,000
Two Page Spread 420x297mm 6000
Vertical Banner 70x297mm 1,500
Horizontal Banner 210x90mm 1,500
American Half 135x198mm 2,400

Ads on the Cover

Cover Size Price
Two 210x297mm 5,000
Three 210x297mm 4,000
Four 210x297mm 5,000
Cover One Fold Out 420x297mm 10,000

Technical requirements for advertising materials 

For all ads with print area going over the edge of the page, a 5mm bleed is required. 
Advertising materials should be delivered in electronic form as PDF or TIFF files with CMYK color encoding.

If you are interested in buying ad space in our publication, or want more information about doing so, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AmCham.Pl Quarterly AmCham.Pl Quarterly

AmCham.Pl Quarterly 

AmCham.Pl Quarterly is the official publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland. It is a voice for foreign investors and the business community in Poland, and it stri...

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