Breakfast with AmCham Poland US-Poland Business Council

On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, Tony Housh, AmCham Chairman and Eric Stewart, President and Founder of the US-Poland Business Council, had the pleasure to address the USPBC team and delegation at the breakfast with AmCham Poland at the Hotel Warszawa.

Tony mentioned that the business climate in Poland has opportunities and challenges. However, he reminded the delegation that Poland is no longer the Poland of 15 years ago. It is a dynamic market looking to invest in technology and innovation, and ambition is not in short supply.

Tony mentioned, we have seen many investments since the 1990s from the United States. Yet, the story doesn't stop there. Over the years, we have also seen reinvestments in Poland from American companies who first started with an office and eventually grew their business regionally, some even supplying internationally. These companies are here for the long run and didn't stop at an initial investment two or three decades ago.

Tony closed the meeting with the following remark "if you are to come to Poland, then you should bring you're A-game, as speaking English with an accent does not correlate with your success in this market anymore if you are to compete in the region.