Traveling for business or leisure during the pandemic. What does this mean, and how to be better prepared?

The pandemic has changed travelers' behavior, priorities, and perception regarding health and safety when traveling. Companies, more than ever, are acknowledging their responsibility to safeguard their employees' health and safety while traveling. It is now time for organizations to rethink their strategies when managing this risk factor.

On November 9, the AmCham Travel & Tourism Committee organized a meeting on traveling for business or leisure during the pandemic. We have discussed differences between the National Health Fund (NFZ) and private travel insurance, reimbursement procedures, and points to consider (flight cancellations, lost luggage, need for additional medical assistance if exposed to COVID) while abroad.

Kinga Beda, Director of International Cooperation Department at the National Health Fund (NFZ), addressed to the attendants what one may expect under the national insurance. She stated that social security rules while traveling apply only to insured persons in a public insurance scheme in one of the EU/EFTA countries and apply only when an insured person crosses the border to another EU/EFTA country. The European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ) seems to be a must for all when traveling abroad as the consequences of the lack of this document can be expensive. Our guest quickly went through some of the reimbursement procedures in different European countries and provided some valuable addresses when approaching difficulties in healthcare access in Europe.

Our next speaker from Allianz focused on risks and corresponding benefits in travel insurance, including assistance insurance, medical costs, travel luggage, or cancellation insurance. Speaking about what to pay attention to while traveling abroad, our speakers from Aon mentioned medical transport, which is not financed by most countries. Some other factors to consider include exclusions and limits of coverage.

We thank our speakers, Kinga Beda, Director, International Cooperation Department of the National Health Fund (NFZ); Weronika Gackowska, Business Development Manager, Allianz and the representatives of Aon, Artur Mysłek, Senior Broker, Agnieszka Komorowska, Business Development Director and Justyna Stefaniak, Senior Broker. And special thanks to our Co-Chairs Tim Hyland, President, FCM Travel Poland and Angela Saliba, General Manager of Sheraton Grand Warsaw for moderating this meeting. 

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AON presentation
Allianz presentation