Meeting with Mr. Robert Andrzejczyk, President of the Polish Tourism Organization

Today, the AmCham Travel & Tourism Committee hosted Mr. Robert Andrzejczyk, President of the Polish Tourism Organization. The organization’s main goal is the promotion of Poland and the development of Polish tourism at home and abroad. Today’s discussion was about the effects of COVID-19 which have changed the Polish Tourism Organization’s activities regarding the promotion of Poland and what are the major challenges for the industry as well as what specifically Poland must do to ensure visitors begin to travel to Poland in large numbers once again.

Some of the most significant challenges and opportunities faced by the Polish Tourism Organization during the pandemic include:

  • How Poland can benefit from the changes within the industry;
  • How to adjust marketing activities to new digital trends appearing;
  • How to allocate appropriate funds to go from analog to digital regarding R&D.

Communicating the new trends for the future of the industry is of high importance as our guest indicated where there is greater sensitivity regarding customer health and prevention, we observe more prudent purchasing decisions and the necessity to go digital. Mr. Andrzejczyk underlined that since the Polish Tourism Organization reports to the Ministry of Development, the organization is better perceived as a business organization. Among the main hurdles for the recovery of tourism the main threat is not the virus infection, rather it is the risk of being put under quarantine and unable to get back to normal life upon one's return from vacation.