Changes in Polish Taxes - Opportunities and Challenges

2019 brings major changes to the tax regulations for business, including more onerous withholding tax rules, limitation of expenses for the use of company cars, revised transfer pricing rules and many others.

We hosted a meeting Changes in Polish Taxes - Opportunities and Challenges. Our speakers were experts from ASB Tax (AmCham member), Matthew O'Shaughnessy, Partner, Tax Advisor; and Piotr Marchlewski, Manager, Tax Advisor and we discussed the main amendments to the CIT and Transfer Pricing laws and their impact on businesses, including:

  • withholding taxes for services, license fees and interest;
  • new tax deductibility rules for company vehicles;
  • Exit Tax;
  • implementation of a notional interest deduction mechanism;
  • Innovation (IP) Box
  • penalty payment in the form of additional tax liabilities,
  • introduction of detailed tax rules related to income from virtual currencies such as Bitcoin;
  • revised transfer pricing documentation and other rules;
  • Mandatory Disclosure Rules requiring entities which are involved with promoting or implementing tax optimization structures to prepare internal procedures and disclose certain information.

See the presentation from the meeting here