Getting to Carbon Neutrality – Developing an Operational Plan

More and more companies are joining the global initiative to fight climate change in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Companies need to quickly and effectively define their energy strategies and determine the level of their ambition to use renewable sources. Failure to make these strategic decisions in the short term could result in significantly higher green energy prices or the inability to meet decarbonization targets at the expected level.

On March 16, AmCham Sustainability Committee organized a meeting on Getting to Carbon Neutrality – Developing an Operational Plan. Our speakers were from Deloitte, Tomasz Gasiński, Director, Sustainability Consulting Central Europe

and Kamil Janczyk, CFA, Assistant Director, Financial Advisory who presented the practical strategy of decarbonization approach and provided information on green energy purchasing and renewables. We discussed climate neutrality roadmaps & targets, decarbonization project stages, main areas and initiatives for decarbonization and green energy and renewable energy sources. The meeting was moderated by Mariusz Wawer, Head of Governmental Relations & Sustainability at 3M East Europe.