Lease vs. Own: What's the Best Option for My Business?

On November 30, the AmCham Real Estate Committee organized a meeting entitled Lease vs. Own: What's the Best Option for My Business? Our speakers were Konrad MarciniukBeata HryniewskaDominik Mazur and Anna Kordos

We have discussed legal aspects of leased facilities vs. ownership, reasons manufacturing companies look for rental buildings and property management issues.

Searching for industrial space can be challenging, especially when a company decides between owning space or leasing it. There are pros and cons to each option, and what's best for companies is mainly dependent on companies' needs and expectations for the future. We have started with Beata Hryniewska's presentation on the main scenarios of leasing or owning a facility, followed by some legal (tax issues) provided by Konrad Marciniuk. Dominik Mazur shared his best practices and experience while looking to start its activities in Poland with Phoenix. They decided on Rzeszów, which was not the cheapest option, but access to well-educated people and proximity to the airport was the decisive factor. Anna Kordos talked about property management in leased and owned facilities. The proper management includes support in contacts with the facility owner, negotiating costs, and many others. As it was concluded, these services seem to be invisible but critical.