Riding the eCommerce dragon!

On Tuesday, June 9 the Marketing & Communications Committee had the pleasure to host Barbara Grabiwoda, ecommerce Strategy Director at Publicis Commerce. The "Riding the eCommerce dragon!" webinar topic was about ecommerce trends, habits and effects on the economy during the #COVID19 period.

It was mentioned that a quick recovery is not to be expected as consumers are delaying purchase decisions, where new habits as well as trends have emerged for all four generations (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z). Marketing channels have to be just right to target the correct group based on their preferred medium of communication online channels (social media) vs. traditional channels (television ads).

It was emphasized that consumer behaviour has a drastic effect on the way we shop such as for e-groceries delivered to your door and shop online - pick up at store, and it is to be observed post pandemic which habits will stick and which will fade as well as how will the economy look post lockdown.


Slides can be viewed here