Supply Chain Due Diligence - Downstream Waste Management

In March 2022 AmCham Industry Committee launched a series of meetings dedicated to the ‘Supply Chain Due Diligence’ EU Directive and its effects on business in the coming years.

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Randy Mott, CHWMEG gave a fantastic presentation today during the AmCham Industry Committee meeting entitled Supply Chain Due Diligence - Downstream Waste Management. Starting from a short overview of the new EU regulations and other international programs, Randy focused on (a global shift in) waste producer liability – one of the new key risk factors for EU-based companies, even for their non-EU operations. 

'The European Union is moving ahead with a major requirement that large companies conduct due diligence of their supply chain, including downstream waste management. This builds on existing laws in Germany and France that require due diligence efforts and global programs.

While the rules will apply directly only to large firms operating in the EU (even if incorporated and based elsewhere) the mandate for due diligence will be spread through supply chains and financial firms as a new standard' - says Randy Mott CHWMEG. 

The series will come back in autumn 2022.