Managing supply chain risks – existing obligations and future challenges

On Thursday, March 10, 2022 AmCham Industry Committee hosted ‘Managing supply chain risks – existing obligations and future challenges’ meeting. The meeting speaker was Mr. Paweł Matej, Senior Associate, DLA Piper. 

The meeting opened a small series of meetings, that the committee plans to run throughout 2022, to discuss the effects Supply Chain Due Diligence EU Directive on business. 

That piece of legislation has already been discussed in Brussels, and what’s more important some EU countries already introduced similar rules earlier. Business, no matter the sector and size, will be heavily affected in many fields – including sensitive information sharing and applying EU rules to non-EU entities (e.g. suppliers). 

The aim of the meeting on March 10, was to identify critical legal risks and offer solutions regarding their management. The particular focus was placed on antidumping, sanctions and product regulation rules. Mr. Matej commented existing legislation and presenting framework of new EU legislation applicable to supply chain due diligence that is based on ESG principles.

Stay tuned for next meetings in the series.