The Regulatory Challenges of Environmental Protection and Waste Management

The topic of waste management has been in the EU's spotlight for quite some time as it becomes more necessary to adjust to the requirements of the European Union's legal regulations. AmCham's Industry & Energy Committee organized a meeting yesterday on the Regulatory Challenges of Environmental Protection and Waste Management. Our speakers were representatives from EY, an AmCham member company. Mr. Zbigniew Liptak, Partner and Head of Regulatory Advisory Team; Ms. Patrycja Sałagan, Environment Manager and Ms. Agnieszka Wierzbicka, Senior Environmental Specialist.

The meeting's goal was to develop a set of priority issues common to AmCham members that can then be conveyed to the government. As the most facing challenges, members listed lengthy administrative proceedings for issuing permits in the investment process and the Extended Producer Responsibility. As they pose a significant challenge, particularly for a business that manages industrial waste, AmCham will continue this topic in future discussions.