What job ads tell us about changing workplace demands?

On September 22, the AmCham HR Committee organized a meeting entitled “What job ads tell us about changing workplace demands?”

Monika Smulewicz and Maciej Michalewski presented conclusions from a survey using an autonomic monitoring tool developed by Element, a company specializing in the automation of recruitment processes.

We have discussed the impact of the pandemic on the labor market where candidates' profiles are sought, regional labor markets, and what benefits and incentives are valued by employees nowadays. The main conclusions from the meeting were that employers recruit more frequently than in 2019. The pandemic has increased the demand for HR specialists and IT administrators and showed lower demand for financial professions. As far as regions are concerned, the most significant number of job advertisements (24 job offers per 1,000 inhabitants) was offered in #Cracow.

As for future trends, our speakers forecast substantial economic and labor shortages, growing pressure to increase wages, and loosening the requirements for foreign employment.