How to maintain employee engagement during COVID-19?

During these exceptional times of pandemic, a workforce transformation is happening in front of our eyes. Yet, these times certainly have their fair share of challenges where leaders and organizations look to find the perfect blend of support for their employees during the pandemic by ensuring they increase their employees' trust, motivation, and engagement.

On Nov. 19, 2020, the AmCham HR Committee organized a meeting How to maintain employee engagement during COVID-19? We had a pleasure to host as a speaker Ms. Agnieszka Krzemień, Talent Solutions Right Management Lead (part of Manpower Group, an AmCham member).We have discussed how to build trust and connections between managers and employees for better performance and how to communicate with impact, using the GEAR model (a communication methodology). Some other points of discussion included the "new" competencies set for leadership, how to avoid presenteeism at work and how to strengthen and build coaching and feedback skills in a remote context.