How COVID-19 is Affecting the Job Market from a Job Seeker and Hiring Manager's Perspective

On Sep. 24, AmCham's HR Committee has organized a meeting entitled "How COVID-19 is changing the recruitment market for both the employer and the job seeker". Our speaker was Mr. Rafał Nachyna, CEO of Grupa Pracuj who discussed the characteristics of candidates and hiring trends after COVID-19. For the most important labor market challenges, our speaker mentioned the new organization of teams, reorganization of recruitment, business, and strategy insecurity. The best job seeker after COVID-19 should possess the following competencies: availability and readiness for a smooth recruitment process and openness to untypical recruitment. Remote work has become a key model for performing duties after the COVID-19 outbreak. Previously it was treated as a solution applied only among selected groups of specialists. As far as key changes in trends are concerned, remote work will become an important model of work permanently, companies will use various forms of employment (contracts, part-time, etc.), digital competences will become even more important and staff education will be crucial in the face of growing competence gaps and the pace of changes in the labor market.