Business Agile Transformation - Goals, Principles and Best Practices

Over the last decade the term Agile has gained in popularity. Organizations following trends and catering to today’s turbulent customer-driven marketplace abandon the traditional waterfall approach to become Agile and to master continuous change. Why are so many organizations investing in Agile transformation, where and how to start this transformation, and most importantly: do we really need Agile? Has the traditional approach to management - Taylor’s top-down, suddenly stopped working? On Apr. 25, 2019, AmCham Digital TECH Committee organized a meeting to familiarize the attendees with these buzz words and help develop an understanding of how Agile could affect business and industry. Our speakers were Ms. Marta Orbitowska, Agile Coach and Scrum Master, eduScrum; Mr. Adam Skręt, Director of Digital and Performance Marketing, Orange and Mr. Karol Krawiec, Director of Digital Transformation Department of PKO BP.