Packaging Waste Management – Challenges and Perspectives for Business

On May 21 AmCham Agri, Food & FMCG and Manufacturing Committee, organized a meeting on . Packaging Waste Management – Challenges and Perspectives for Business. Our speakers were Ms. Małgorzata Skonieczna, Public Policy Director of PepsiCo, Amcham Agri, Food & FMCG Committee Co-Chair and Mr. Bartłomiej Wojdyło, Sustainability Deputy Director of Can-Pack. Waste management is an important issue for entities from various sectors. Observing the current European trends aimed at reducing the generation of waste and promoting their reuse, among others by introducing the idea of the circular economy, entrepreneurs will be obliged to adapt to a new business environment and cover the costs. We discussed the main challenges and perspective of enterprises in the field of packaging waste management in the context of changes that have been or will be incorporated into the Polish legal system in the near future.

Pepsi-Cola presentation

Can-Pack presentation