Dimitri Gitas

Dimitri Gitas

Working across Healthcare stakeholders to bring innovative medicines and services to patients who need them is what Dimitri Gitas is passionate about, and it has motivated him throughout his career. Dimitri worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 18 years and has held a wide range of positions from clinical research to sales & marketing. 

His breadth of experience includes working in 4 different countries (Canada, United States, Greece, Poland), each with varying sophistication and structure in healthcare systems and healthcare policy. The diverse roles that he has held include both in market and global, where he has had the pleasure of leading the launch of a global blockbuster medicine.

One of the areas where Dimitri has had success throughout his career, is the development of partnerships across stakeholders and unifying different stakeholders to accomplish aligned healthcare objectives. These stakeholders include policy makers, patient organizations & scientific leaders. The most notable therapeutic areas in which I have led multi-stakeholder initiatives, include HCV (treatment of PWID), HIV (removing stigma) and Antibiotics (implementation of AMS & infection control strategies). 

He is originally from Canada, where he completed studies in Biochemistry and is multi-lingual, speaking English, French, Greek....and Polish soon! Outside of work he is passionate about sports, traveling and food. He’s a loving husband and father of 2 (Valentina 5 y/o, Leo 10 m/o) and he is all very excited to be living in Poland since March.

Dimitri looks forward to working with all industry partners, and across stakeholders to build the value of innovation in healthcare. The goal is to ensure people in Poland can access the most innovative medicines and vaccines to optimize patient outcomes, through a transparent and predictable healthcare environment.