Tax Transparency (17 May, 2018)

On May 17, AmCham Tax & Financial Services Committee organized a meeting on tax transparency. Tax transparency is coming to the next level in Poland and is becoming a critical factor in the management of relations with the administration and investors. Our speaker was Mr. Marcin Zawadzki, Senior Manager of PwC and we discussed obligation for disclosure of tax data of taxpayers; potential risks resulting from uncontrolled disclosure of tax data; how to make a chance out of the risk and international experience in communication of tax transparency.

White Spots on the EU’s Post-Brexit Future

On May 10, AmCham EU Committee organized a meeting on White Spots on the EU’s Post-Brexit Future. Our guest was Mr. Michał Mrożek, President of the Management Board of HSBC and we discussed key topics for Europe traditionally championed by Great Britain, the stability of the EU financial markets after Brexit and who (if anyone) may replace GB in their traditional role in the EU.

Trapped in Technologies of Net

On April 23, AmCham Business Technology & Services Committee organized a meeting with Professor Andrzej Zybertowicz, security policy advisor to President Andrzej Duda, author of scholarly publications on intelligent services, post-communist transformation and the digital revolution. Our guest commented on a basic historical divide: pre-Net and the Net technologies; the forecasting problem;  Artificial Intelligence and recursive self-improvement scenarios; hypercomplexity of social systems and the threat of a new-digital-authoritarianism.

Facing Security Challenges in Central & Eastern Europe (8 May, 2018)

On May 8, AmCham Defense & Security Committee organized a meeting on Facing Security Challenges in Central & Eastern Europe. Our guests were from the Romanian Embassy in Poland, Mr. Ovidiu Dranda, Romanian Ambassador, Colonel Romeo Tabirca, Defense Attaché and Mr. Botond Kovessi, Economic Counsellor. An interesting discussion highlighted the many parallels between the situation of Poland and Romania as regards security. We discussed defense and security issues on the crossroads, including Romania’s role on the Eastern Flank for NATO and EU; Energy and security in the Black Sea region; and multi-national defense partnership.

Characteristics of Polish Managers

Being a good manager is a challenging task requiring a variety of competences like effective team management, social skills, and leadership. On April 24, AmCham Employee & Labor Relations Committee organized a meeting on Characteristics of Polish Managers, based on Assessment Systems Polska research, performed this year. Our speaker was Ms. Magdalena Giryn, Country Manager of Assessment Systems and we discussed attitude and behaviors of Polish managers, including their potential, motivating factors, company’s culture engagement, decision-making skills and career derailers.

American Investor

The American Investor

The American Investor is the official quarterly publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland. It is a voice for foreign investors and the business community in Poland,...

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