Polish employers report steady hiring prospects for the April-June time frame – this is the main conclusion of the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey released today by ManpowerGroup in Poland. Various levels of hiring gains are anticipated in all 10 industry sectors and all 6 regions during the next three months. The strongest opportunities for job seekers are expected in Manufacturing and in Central Poland.

Warsaw, Poland, 13 March 2018 – The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey for the second quarter 2018 identifies favorable hiring plans of Polish employers. This marks the 20th consecutive quarter of respectable forecast for Poland’s labour market. The seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook stands at +11%. Hiring plans are unchanged when compared with the previous quarter so confidence among Polish employers continues to be the strongest reported since the fourth quarter of 2010. The Outlook also remains relatively stable in a year-over-year comparison. Among 752 survey participants 18% of employers anticipate an increase in staffing levels, 3% forecast a decrease and 76% expect no change.

‘The economy in Poland has accelerated, with a strong impact on the labor market. The result of this is the continuing  positive and stable hiring intentions reported by Polish employers – said Iwona Janas, Country Manager ManpowerGroup in Poland. ‘This trend is favored not only by the good economic situation in Poland but also by the spring and summer period, which is associated with an increased demand for production workers, especially in the food industry, construction workers and people employed in hotels and restaurants. The more conservative forecasts reported in the trade sector may be a reflection of the Sunday trading ban that will soon come into force in Poland. The rapid pace of economic development and increased demand for employees favors a further increase in wages and openness of employers to still fill staff shortages by human resources from behind the eastern border’ – adds Iwona Janas.

Manufacturing industry on the top

Payroll gains are anticipated in all 10 industry sectors during the April-June period. Manufacturing industry employments report the strongest hiring prospects with a solid Net Employment Outlook of +26%, which is the most optimistic forecast for this industry sector since 3Q 2008. Elsewhere, an hopeful hiring piece is forecast for the Restaurants & Hotels sector (+14%), the Construction sector (+13%), the Transport, Storage & Communication sector (+11%) and the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Business Services sector (+10%). However, the conservative hiring forecast were reported by employers from 3 sectors – the Electricity, Gas & Water Supply sector, Public & Social sector and the Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing sector – with Outlooks of +6%.

In a comparison with the previous quarter hiring plans improve in 7 of the 10 industry sectors, most notably by 12 percentage points in the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Business Services sector. However, Outlooks weaken in 3 sectors with considerable decrease of 14 percentage points in the Wholesale & Retail Trade sector.

Year-over-year, hiring intentions strengthen in 4 of the 10 industry sectors. Increases of 12 and 7 percentage points are reported for the Electricity, Gas & Water Supply sector and the Manufacturing sector, respectively. However, hiring prospects weaken in 5 sectors, most notably by 9 percentage points in the Wholesale & Retail Trade sector.

Employers in the Central Poland report the most optimistic Outlook

Workforce gains are anticipated in all 6 regions during the April-June period. Job seekers can expect the strongest hiring pace in the Central region, where the Net Employment Outlook stands at +13%. North and South-West employers also expect respectable job gains reporting Outlooks of +12%. Quarter-over-quarter, hiring prospects improve in 4 of the 6 sectors. Employers in the Central, the East and the North report slight increase of 3 percentage points. However, hiring intensions weaken in the South of 6 percentage points.

Participating employers are categorized into one of four organization sizes: Micro, Small, Medium and Large businesses. Payroll gains are forecast for all 4 organization size categories in the next three months. The strongest hiring intentions are reported by Large employers with a Net Employment Outlook of +27%. Medium employers anticipate a steady hiring pace with an Outlook of +14% while an Outlook stands at +7% for Small- and +3% for Micro-size employers.

Organization-size comparisons Large and Medium employers report a slight quarter-over-quarter improvement of 5 percentage points, while Small employers report a decline of 3 percentage points. The Outlook for Micro-size employers are unchanged when compared with 1Q 2018.

When compared with 2Q 2017, Small employers report stronger hiring intentions of 7 percentage points, while Medium employers report slight improvement of 3 percentage points. However the Outlook is 4 percentage point weaken for Micro-sized employers. The Large business’ forecast are unchanged.

Solid forecast for Taiwan and Japan

ManpowerGroup interviewed over 59,000 employers across 44 countries and territories to forecast labor market activity in 2Q 2018. Job gains are expected in 43 of 44 surveyed countries. Employers from Taiwan report the strongest hiring plans with a healthy Net Employment Outlook of +26%. Elsewhere, an active hiring pace is forecast for Japan with an Outlook of +24%. In both USA and Hungary, employers continue to report steady hiring plans with Outlooks of +18%. The weakest forecast is reported in Italy with Net Employment Outlook stands at -1%. Hiring plans improve in 17 of 43 countries and territories when compared quarter-over-quarter, decline in 17, and are unchanged in 9. Outlooks strengthen in 25 countries and territories year-over-year, weaken in 13, and are unchanged in 5.

The ManpowerGroup report is available free of charge to the public and can be downloaded from www.manpowergroup.pl. Results for all 44 countries can be viewed in the new interactive Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Explorer tool at http://manpowergroup.com/meos.

Note to editors

Commentary is based on seasonally adjusted data where available. Full survey results for each of the 44 countries and territories included in this quarter’s survey, plus regional and global comparisons, can be found in the ManpowerGroup Press Room at http://manpowergroup.com/press/meos_landing.cfm. In addition, all tables and graphs from the full report are available to be downloaded for use in publication or broadcast from the ManpowerGroup Web site at http://manpowergroup.com/press/meos_landing.cfm. The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey is available free of charge to the public . To receive email notification when the survey is available each quarter, please complete an online subscription form at: http://www.manpowergroup.pl/pl/raporty-rynku-pracy.html.

About the Survey

The global leader in innovative workforce solutions, ManpowerGroup releases the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey quarterly to measure employers’ intentions to increase or decrease the number of employees in their workforce during the next quarter. It is the world’s most extensive, forward-looking employment survey, commencing in 1962 and now polling nearly 59,000 employers in 44 countries and territories (with 752 employers in Poland). The survey with Poland referring results can be found at www.manpowergroup.pl in “Labour Market Reports” section.

About ManpowerGroup in Poland

ManpowerGroup, the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, has been helping clients and candidates win in Poland since March 2001. ManpowerGroup in Poland provides unique value to clients and candidates through ManpowerGroup™ Solutions, Manpower® and Experis™. ManpowerGroup’s portfolio in Poland covers permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment and selection; outsourcing and workforce consulting; and career management and outplacement. More information is available at www.manpowergroup.pl.

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