11 April 2017, 10 a.m.-11 a.m.

For many entrepreneurs now the last moment  to start implementing the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now. Why? 
GDPR imposes  the obligation of “self-diagnosis” and “self-healing” on the entrepreneurs. These provisions do not provide solutions – it is the entrepreneurs, who should find them. The solutions should be tailored to the risk related to  personal data protection, occurring at  given business. 

There is less than 300 working  days  left for performing such analysis and coming up with solutions. Entrepreneurs have time only until 25th May 2018 to adjust to the regulations. However, many entrepreneurs still do not  have the basic information on the requirements resulting from the GDPR. To address the existing needs of entrepreneurs, PwC experts have prepared a webinar A… B… C… of the General Data Protection Regulation

During the webinar the following issues related to the requirements of the GDPR will be discussed: 

  • effective date of GDPR entering into force and time limit for the implementation;
  • new approach to personal data protection: risk analysis, lack of ready-made solutions, tailoring solutions to the given risk;
  • new obligations of entrepreneurs: designing data protection, privacy by default, data breaches notifications;
  • abandoning the obligation of keeping the registers by the authority body and switching to  keeping own register of personal data processing operations within the company
  • divergence from the requirements for documentation of data protection and switching to the system of using any documentation selected at own discretion, but tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur;
  • financial penalties imposed on entrepreneurs for infringement of the GDPR’s rules.

Webinar will be conducted by: 

Sylwia Pusz, Partner responsible for GDPR services in PwC 
Anna Kobylańska, Counsel and an advocate and Head of the intellectual property rights, new information technologies and personal data protection practice of PwC Legal in Poland 
Magdalena Kaj, Associate in the GDPR Team, PwC 

Online seminar will be conducted in Polish and is free of charge. 
Further details and the registration form are available at the organizer’s website: http://pwc.to/2on5e9P

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