Hubert Motyka nominated by Universal Express- the winner of the ninth edition of the American Chamber of Commerce Student Essay Contest. The essays weree judged by an Awards Committee made up of Board of Directors and AmCham Members


We live in an era of innovation. But what really is innovation? We often associate innovation with

groundbreaking discovery of a new medicine,  development of better computer or space travel. But

these are only one kind of innovation, these are technological advancements, engineering

inventions. Another type is mental innovation, change in one’s way of thinking. They are seen

throughout history as the most important events. Mental innovations are often connected to, or

even cause the technological innovations.

Today we live in an era of innovation. Technological progress has never been so rapid and we have

never been so focused on keeping this forward movement before. In fact, the only way to maintain

this rate of innovation is to cooperate. The best example of such cooperation is between Poland

and the US. Teams consisting of Polish and American scientists carry out studies in different fields of

science, for instance on proteins which contribute to the development of new therapies to cure

human diseases (such as AIDS or leukemia), or on superconductors which are likely to revolutionize

the future of electronic devices. Both American students in Poland and Polish students in America

are involved in scientific research or engineering. Under the supervision of their professors they

make our food healthier, they build everything from Martian rovers to 3D-printers, they design

better prostheses which feel like real limbs. They even make our morning commuting easier and

faster by developing self-driving cars.

The Polish-American cooperation is present not only in the scientific field but in business as well.

More and more American companies are entering the Polish market and vice versa, speeding up the

economies of both countries and providing human capital and products which otherwise would not

be available to the consumer. Tightening business, diplomatic and cultural bonds allows the citizens

of both countries to live a better, wealthier and more modern life. Achieving these mutual benefits

would not be possible without arguably the most important innovation of all: changing our way of

thinking, which was mentioned earlier. Poland and the US have always maintained close

relationships, however, the level of life we live today was reached only recently. What changed? We

became more open-minded, more informed and better educated. We finally understood that joint

thinking pays.

Innovation is everything. Innovation is life. Innovation is what makes us different from other

species. Thanks to our cognitive abilities we now are where we are. We have invented language,

agriculture, civilization, we have undergone the industrial revolution, and right now we are on the

edge of new substantial event which will change our lives forever. We may be certain about it,

because the only constant thing in life is change. It is now our task to direct those changes in the

good direction, the direction of progress and innovation. The only way to achieve this is to

strengthen our mutual Polish-American relationships and to educate the future generations. We are

a part of a much longer process, and the responsibility of maintaining this trend of progress and

innovation lies in our hands.

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